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12-Pack samplers, a beer trend starting to catch on

12 packs of craft beer are finally popping up in many convenience stores and supermarkets. That saves time having to run too many times to pick up six packs. I usually enjoy about four beers, so with a 12 pack I have a three-day supply, but with a six-pack I’m only covered for a day and a half, so I might as well drink all six. Now the breweries are getting even smarter, making 12 packs with different brews. It seems Sam Adams was the first to start this trend; they package different IPAs together and different seasonal brews together. This also helps you pick your favorite of the bunch and maybe pick up a six of that one. Recently I found a Sam Adams six pack of different IPAs two of each: Whitewater IPA, Latitude 48 IPA and Double agent IPA. Magic Hat Brewery also sells seasonal sampler 12 packs. Recently I found a sampler from one of my favorite breweries, Sierra Nevada!
First up to try was the Nonner IPA, a lower in alcohol session beer with full hop flavors. Snow Wit White IPA, cleverly named because it is brewed with seven different types of dwarf hops, a smooth hazy white beer with a bitter twist on the finish. Torpedo IPA, Sierra Nevada’s super hopped up IPA, a personal favorite. Lastly is the Blindfold Black IPA. Dark as midnight and loads of roasted malt and a clean hoppy bitter finish, this could become a new favorite. I hope the trend of mixed 12-packs catches on with every brewery.

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