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12 min? Try 12 Seconds

“Love at first sight is a debatable concept. How about love in the first 12 minutes?

12 min or 12 sec
Photo by Dave Kotinsky

OK, maybe not love. But a new survey suggests that people decide whether or not they like a potential love match within 12 minutes on a first date. The survey also included the top things you can do to impress a date (smile, make eye contact, etc.) and the worst things you can do (smell bad, swear, etc.), but those should be givens for most of us who have any hint of common sense, right?

So, is the 12-minute period just the time it takes to weed out those who haven't learned basic social skills? Or do you feel like you have a pretty solid sense of your interest level after that amount of time?” (Glamour Magazine}

That was taken from a study from Glamour Magazine. I have my own thoughts about it and honestly, I think it is sort of true. I actually think the time period is shorter than that, more like love in the fist 12 seconds. Here is my reasoning why. When I first see a guy that I am meeting for a potential date I know. I just know. You know too. You can try and talk yourself into giving it a bit more time but you know. He doesn’t have to smell or anything gross like that, there is just something off about his head or his tooth, you know. You also know it is not polite to just be like “Uh there is something wrong with your head, I can’t pinpoint it, this isn’t going to work,” and then leave. So, you put yourself through the date, he turns out to be a nice guy and then the worst thing happens!!!! You start to think that Mr. Weird head (no one else notices this about his head by the way) might be ok.) Well OK is not good enough for you. That is the problem with us women. We are always settling for Mr. OK, and then pretty soon, we are looking for reason for him not to come over. That is where things get tricky. If we had just had the guts to say in the first place this isn’t going to work then we would be so much better off, because now we have to tell him six weeks in, that we think he has a weird head.

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