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12 killed in Baghdad brothel: Attack kills 12 for the second time in a year

Wikimedia Commons

12 killed in a Baghdad brothel included seven women and five men. On Jan. 8, The Inquisitr reported that this is the second attack in the area in less than a year's time. A similar attack in May of 2013 killed the same amount of people. The attack occurred on Tuesday when gunmen entered the brothel and began shooting. All of those who were killed are believed to be prostitutes and their clients according to the report.

The 12 killed on Tuesday added to the thousands killed in Iraq -- interestingly enough, attacks in the area have shown similarities in the number of people killed at one time: Twelve.

The 12 killed in this Baghdad brothel may have been killed at random but knowing what goes on in a brothel and pairing that information with the knowledge of the strict religious beliefs of religious groups and terrorists in Iraq, the murders don't seem that surprising. Even still, the loss of life in the area has seen an uptick and that isn't a good sign at all.

"The government announced that October had been the deadliest month since April 2008, with 900 killed. By the end of 2013, the UN estimated the death toll of civilians at 7,157 – more than double that of the previous year," reports The Inquisitr.

The 12 killed in the Baghdad brothel were killed about one week after 12 people in nearby shops were killed by gunmen who overtook police.

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