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12-foot python found in bathroom: 911 call brings cops with paper bags

A 12-foot python is not something you’d expect to see in your bathroom, but a Texas mother is sure what she saw was a monster of a snake slither into her bathtub. It was a 12-foot python, officers would later tell her after calling 911 for help with capturing the beast, according to Emirates 24/7 on May 16.

Woman finds 12-foot python crawling out of her tub.
YouTube screen shot/ Fox

The African python was not Veronica Rodriguez’s snake and she was not sure how the reptile got into her bathroom. She was sure however that it would have to come out as soon as possible!

The 50-year-old single mom had been cleaning out her daughter’s guinea pig cage and giving the rodent-like pets a bath. She had left the back door propped open so she could carry the guinea pigs in and out and the snake must have slithered in unnoticed. This sent shivers down her spine to think she was in the house with the snake without knowing it.

Veronica had bathed the guinea pigs and carried them outside to a pen to let them run around. She was then cleaning out the varmints’ cages. Once the guinea pigs were back in the house in their cages she heard noises, but she thought it was the guinea pigs making a ruckus after their day of grooming and cleaning.

At about 9 p.m. she checked the bedrooms after hearing the noises again, but found nothing. Then she went into the bathroom and what she saw when she turned on that bathroom light was enough to scare her. She wasn’t sticking around to watch what the 12-foot python might do next. She slammed the bathroom door and ran out of the house and her mother called 911 to help.

The first officer arrived with a small sack ready to catch the snake, Veronica told him he was going to need a much bigger bag. The second officer also came with a grocery-size bag and she once again told the officers that they were barking up the wrong tree.

They also called the animal control officers, who showed up with a 10-gallooon bucket, but it was still not big enough. Once they opened the bathroom door and got a gander at the snake, they decided that a garbage can would make a better container. One officer said he had removed at least a handful of snakes out of people's homes during his time on the force, but he's never seen a snake this big!

It took a lot of energy on the officers’ behalf, but they wrangled the snake into the can and put a lid on it. They left the container outside until the animal officer could pick it up the next morning and bring it to a reptile sanctuary.

According to Local 12, before the animal control officer could bring him to the sanctuary, the rightful owner claimed the snake. The owner reports that snake had been missing for about two months. The owner had reported it missing a few months back.

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