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12-foot python found: African Rock Python in bathroom horrifies Texas mom

A 12-foot python found unexpectedly in a single Texas mom's bathroom sounds like the scene of a horror movie, but the scene of finding a 12-foot python is unfortunately all too real for 50-year-old Veronica Rodriguez of College Station in Texas. And to make matters worse, the python that shocked the single mom wasn’t just any python, but an African Rock Python, which are typically more aggressive snakes, reports Canada Journal on May 18.

Prince Harry and Prince William (R) hold an African rock python during a visit to Mokolodi Education Centre on June 15, 2010 in Gaborone, Botswana.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

African Rock Pythons are no laughing matter. Just last year, two boys were strangled to death by the lethal type of snake in Canada. While African Rock Pythons can be tamed just like other snakes, people familiar with the animal are saying that this type of snake is much more ill-tempered. According to Aggieland Humane Society Executive Director Kathy Bice, African Rock Pythons are typically more aggressive than other snakes and that under the law owners are required to have permits for them.

The owner of the 12-foot python that was found by the Texas single mom did have a permit for his African Rock Python, but when he moved from College Station in Texas two months ago, he didn’t let anyone know that his little pet was missing.

Veronica Rodriguez, who lives in College Station, sure wished he had. At the beginning of May, when the single mom went into her bathroom and flipped on the light, she was shocked by the python in her bathtub.

Around 6 p.m. that evening, Rodriguez gave her three household guinea pigs a bath. After bathing each one, she would take the guinea pig outside in a penned area in the backyard to let it run around while she cleaned its cage. “She estimated her door was left open about two to three minutes each time she would come out to her fenced yard with a new guinea pig and cage,” reports The Eagle.

By 9 p.m., while talking with her mom on the phone, Rodriguez heard several strange noises coming from the back of her house but even though she checked her own and her daughter’s bedroom, she could not find out where the noise was coming from. After hearing the noise of something being knocked over in the bathroom, Rodriguez went to check and as she turned on the light, she found the python crawling into the bathtub.

Frightened to death by the python, Rodriguez slammed the door shut and called 911. The officer who arrived at the scene with a brown paper sack quickly realized that his paper bag wouldn’t be big enough for the African Rock Python and that this was a case that needed more backup by animal control. Once animal control officers arrived, the python was placed in a 10-gallon city trash can – but not without a fight. "It was pretty aggressive," said College Station officer Tony Gonzales. "It definitely didn't want to go into the trash can."

In the end, the 12-foot python found by Veronica Rodriguez in her bathroom was returned to its owner. After the Aggieland Humane Society posted online that it had taken the snake into custody, the owner showed authorities his permit and had his snake back. For the single Texas mom, however, the python incident is not that easy to forget. “As someone who was ‘already afraid of everything,’ she's had trouble sleeping and has been especially jumpy,” she says.

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