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12 Decorative Uses for Ladders

Decorative uses for ladders
Decorative uses for ladders

Here are 12 ways to decorate with ladders that are unique, functional, and inexpensive. Rummage through the garage, or hit the local flea market, and put these decorative ideas for ladders to work for you.

It feels good to re-purpose unused items for a new and unique purpose, which is why decorating with ladders is so much fun. Ladders add an unexpected element that instantly adds a feeling of warm to any space. Here we'll discuss 12 decorative uses for ladders that you can use in at home. So, rummage through the garage, or head down to your local flea market, and grab a few different types of decorative ladders for these inspiring uses.

A word about ladders - When we discuss the different ideas for decorating with ladders, we will be mentioning two different types of decorative ladders that should be used. Extension ladders are those that do not open up, and have just one 'straight' section. They are perfect for leaning up against the wall, or mounting to a ceiling. Folding ladders are those that fold up for easy storage, as the name implies. They have two sections that open to create a 'V', and will be used for projects that require addition support.

With that said, let's get started! Use these 12 decorative uses for ladders to create a rustic, welcoming, country, or eclectic feel to you current home décor.

Pot rack - This is one of the most exciting uses for ladders because it is a great money saver. Store bought pot racks can cost hundreds of dollars, but when you re-purpose a ladder, you'll only have to pay for the supplies to install it. Decide how low you want the pot rack to hang, and have four pieces of heavy-duty chain cut to fit at your local hardware store. Then attach four eye hooks to the top of each end of the ladder, attach the chain, and bolt the ladder into studs in the ceiling. Don't forget to add S hooks from the ladder rungs for the pots and pans to hang from!

Hanging plant display - Follow the same installation instructions listed above for the pot rack, but don't add the S hooks. Then, hang your favorite hanging plants from the ladder rungs.

Towel rack - Decorating with ladders doesn't have to be complex, and this next idea proves it! Simply prop a wooden extension ladder against the wall in the bathroom and hang several towels the rungs. This is an excellent way to display guest towels.

Quilt stand - Have a cherished quilt or blanket you'd like to display? Use an extension or folding ladder! Simply prop the ladder against the wall (or open it if you're using a folding ladder) and hang your favorite blankets, quilts, or throws over the ladder rungs.

Picture frame - Be creative when you're thinking of decorative uses for ladders and you're sure to come up with all kinds of ideas. This one requires using a small wooden extension ladder. Hang the ladder horizontally on the wall, using a carpenters level to ensure it's straight, and screw it in place. Then, display framed pictures, children's drawings, or even artwork in between each ladder rung.

Mirror collage - This idea works in the same way as the one above, but instead of hanging pictures or artwork, you'll place mirrors in between each ladder rung. This will create the look of one large mirror on the wall, which will reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space.

Potted plant display - A folding ladder is a great choice when decorating with ladders in the sunroom, foyer, or even patio. There are a variety of uses for ladders in any of these spots, but our favorite is to use the ladders to display small potted plants, potted flowers, herb gardens, and so on. Simply open up the ladder and place your plants on the ladder rungs.

Shoe rack - It's a fact...women love shoes! In fact, we have more shoes than we have room for. A quick and easy solution to this dilemma, is to use decorative ladders shoe racks. You'll want to use folding ladders and open them up in a corner of the room. Purchase a piece of shelving for each ladder rung, and then place a shelf on each rung. Then, add shoes! It's that easy, and it looks cute too.

Bookshelf - Follow the same assembly instructions listed above for the shoe rack, but add books to the shelves instead of shoes. This is a functional idea that's great when you're decorating with ladders, because it controls book clutter and keeps them neat and organized.

Headboard - A unique headboard can really set the tone for a bedroom. Paint a wooden extension ladder to match the theme of your bedroom décor, and then bolt it to the wall behind the bed. Work in artificial greenery or flowers through the ladder rungs for a romantic feel. Get more Romantic Headboard Design Ideas.

Simple décor - Sometimes the ladder is all you need. If you are lucky enough to find a distressed ladder that's in good condition, simply use it in the room as part of your décor. Mount it to the wall, prop in a corner, hang it above the sofa, or use it any way you see fit.

Nightstand - Think outside the box when decorating with ladders, and you'll find functional ideas that will help save money. Use a folding step ladder as a nightstand, and keep all your essentials on hand right next to the bed.

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