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115 Years of quality, community and local manufacturing in San Francisco

Locally Made. Universally Adored.
Locally Made. Universally Adored.
McRoskey Mattress Co.

Each Friday, a local Bay area business is featured with the intention to connect communities. These businesses are innovative, progressive and operate with their community in mind. Small business is the heartbeat of the economy, yet sometimes it’s hard to hear their voice.

Recycling local dollars is crucial for communities to thrive. Think about all of the local stores and shops you visit that are ran by small business owners. What would your world be like without them? Don’t take for granted that they will always be there. Without your support, they could slip quietly into the night. The next time you visit your local dry cleaner, favorite eatery or service provider, let them know you appreciate them.

If you know of a local Bay area business that stands out above the crowd, marches to the beat of their own drum or is committed to their local community, submit their info here.

Who: McRoskey Mattress Company, Locally made. Universally adored. (
What: Mattresses, box springs and bed stands; best-selling product is the McRoskey by Design
For Whom: Anyone seeking the most comfortable sleep available.
Why: We are a 115-year-old-company that has never left San Francisco; we use all made-in-the-USA components and manufacture all our mattresses by hand, including many of the internal components, and use techniques that have been refined but not substantially changed over our history.

Tell me a little about how the company started and/or why it was founded? (Robin Azevedo) McRoskey Mattress Company was founded in 1899 in by two brothers, Edward and Leonard McRoskey, who came West from Chicago, originally selling mattress making equipment and then got into the business of making mattresses in San Francisco.

What are some of the changes you’ve seen and experienced in the mattress industry? (Robin Azevedo) During the early 20th century there were many mattress manufacturers. What occurred over the years is the consolidation of smaller businesses into larger factories that often relocated outside of densely populated urban areas. In San Francisco there were over 30 manufacturers within the city. Today there is one: McRoskey

How does a 115 year-old mattress company survive in San Francisco’s ever growing economy? (Robin Azevedo) A growing economy is good for business - more buyers with more dollars to spend. What is tough is to compete against the plethora of mattress advertising noise that focuses on 50% off, buy now - don't pay for two years, take same day delivery. McRoskey focuses on comfort and quality and counts on its reputation to survive.

Toughest business lesson learned? (Robin Azevedo) Learn to pay attention to something that is gnawing at you and you can't quite put your finger on it. Heed that tap on your shoulder. When you don't, something erupts. Two such instances I experienced resulted in a fire and in misdirected funds.

Why did you choose to manufacture your products in the U.S.? Have they always been manufactured in the U.S.? (Robin Azevedo) We have always manufactured in San Francisco. Manufacturing outside the U.S. has not been part of our business plan.

What have your clients taught you over the years? (Robin Azevedo) Our customers have told us over the years how much they love their McRoskey mattresses. We are thrilled that they take comfort on a McRoskey. And that holds us accountable wanting to please the generations of customers we serve.

With the popularity of TemperPedic® mattresses, what are some of the benefits of still using a traditional mattress for getting a good night’s sleep? (Robin Azevedo) McRoskey continues to build comfort from wood, wire and fiber. That means we build a true box spring on a strong wood frame with steel coils that supports our innerspring mattress generously layered on both sides of the innerspring unit with quality fiber filling materials. Always have (for 115 years!); using top grade materials and always adhering to proven construction techniques. We continue to build a product that provides lasting supple support from head to toe.

Do you have any tips for getting a good night’s sleep? (Robin Azevedo) Sleep on a McRoskey mattress and create a bedroom environment that is clutter free so you can comfortably escape into a sleep that restores.

How does McRoskey’s stay connected to the community? (Robin Azevedo) McRoskey regularly hosts community and cultural events such as fundraisers, fashion shows and event kick-off parties in their 3rd Floor former factory space above their San Francisco showroom. In addition, they support the San Francisco area community by working closely with the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Menlo Charity Horse Show and Cal Shakes. They have also supported the Canon Barcus Community House of SF Episcopal Services for over 10 years.

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