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112 weddings is a treat

the truth
the truth

Doug Block has uncovered something beautiful and tragic. His documentary 112 Weddings is an insight into married life years after the glorious wedding day.

Block started out as a wedding videographer in order to make some extra cash, but it quickly turned into a dream career. He was curious to know what happened to the couples who's happy wedding days he had filmed. Were they still happy and in love? Block sets out to find the couples and dig in deep into their personal lives. What he uncovers is something truly lovely and moving. An honest look at married life, love, and the effect a marriage and starting a family has on a couple.

The documentary features interviews of the present day intercut with footage from the couples wedding day. He asks them the most basic questions; are they still together? What has changed since the day they were married? How have they navigated through all the ups and downs? What advice would they give to a soon-to-be married couple?
Some of the answers are fairly basic but they still leave an impact. One interview in particular stands out; a couple who has been married for many years, now have a young son together. The husbands answers to Doug's questions seem to be striking a cord with his wife. They stare into each other's eyes as if these are some really hard hitting truths for both of them, but you can really sense some pain in her eyes.

The most amazing part about 112 Weddings is the fact that Block was able to capture real emotions on camera. An interview with a drug abusing divorcee will pull at your heartstrings, while scenes of a soon-to-be married couple will have you grinning from ear to ear. It's a roller coaster of a film with a lot of heart.

You can catch 112 Weddings in theatres now.