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111-year-old gets diploma: Lela Burden honored 96 years after leaving school

An 111-year-old got her diploma from high school on Tuesday, showing it is never too late to accomplish big things in life. Lela Burden is quite the inspiration, and WTKR shared the details on her big accomplishment.

Lela Burden, 111-year-old, gets diploma from high school
Screencap via video

Burden's high school during her teen years was shut down for a bit during a flu pandemic. When it opened again she had moved on to work not one, but two jobs. She never went back to get the diploma until now.

The 111-year-old got her diploma from Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Va. She needed to be in a wheelchair on stage as she accepted, but it's clear that she's not slowing down in life any more than she has to. During a May birthday party she quipped, “I'm not old yet. I'm still a young lady.”

Burden's honorary high school diploma elicited cheers from everybody in attendance. The school is the one where Burden would have graduated had she continued as a teen, though it had a different name during those days. Lela Burden seems to be a rich storyteller, and now she's got another tale to share after the 111-year-old got her diploma.

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