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11 ways to perk up your pork for the holidays

Young pigs in a snowy pen
Young pigs in a snowy pen

For many Christmas and Easter menu's center around a pig. The other white meat offers a regal roast, simple to prepare and never short on flavor. Should you be looking for new ideas on how to enjoy your pork we have 11 great recipes below that are sure to perk up your holiday.

If you don't have a favorite local butcher to get your meat consider Pekarski's in South Deerfield. It is a destination people drive for hours to get to. Generations have relied on this family for holiday hams. While you are there pick up some of their amazing sausage for your stuffing. A visit to Outlook Farm in Westhampton will lead you to hams, fresh pork roast, pork loins, etc. It is also a one stop shop for homemade pies and apples from their own orchard.

Austin Brother's Farm in Belchertown has grass fed pork in all manner of cuts. Grass fed meat is full of heart healthy omega 3's. In fact, lean cuts of pork have less saturated fat and calories than chicken or beef. A significant source of protein, pork contains each of the eight essential amino acids needed to build, repair and maintain body tissues. It is the best dietary source of thiamin and a good source of other B vitamins, iron and zinc.

11 ways to perk up your pork for the holidays

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