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11 Tips you should know about becoming a freelance photographer

PhotoShelter, a service that offers photographers a platform to showcase, organize share, and sell their photos online, discussed 11 Essential Tips for Freelance Photographers – Hosted by photographer Robert Seale on their 4PM webcast today. If you interested or thinking about a career in freelance photography then this is a webcast you should watch and study.

Join Robert Seale as he discusses his 11 essential tips to keep your photo business running at optimum quality.
Keith B Dixon Photographic Inc

The Down and Dirty

Freelancing is tough and there are a slew of hurdles, challenges, and obstacles to overcome on a regular basis; especially getting paid on time.

“Freelancing, like other forms of casual labor, can be precarious work. Websites, books, portals and organizations for freelancers often feature advice on getting and keeping a steady work stream. Beside the lack of job security, many freelancers also report the ongoing hassle of dealing with employers who don't pay on time and the possibility of long periods without work.” -Source

If you are a good planner, disciplined, persistent and a consistent go-getter you then freelancing is for you. Know that there are lots of upsides and benefits to freelancing your work like being able to create your own schedule and having the freedom to pursue your photography passions and dreams on your own terms. You are totally accountable for your own successes.

Remember this: freelancing is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that you should prepare for as much as possible. If you are strongly thinking about this career path definitely consider watching 11 Essential Tips for Freelance Photographers webcast Presented by PhotoShelter.

A Final Thought:

I have worked as a freelance photographer for the last 17 years for various trade magazines, agencies, and publishers across the country. Seal’s 11 tips are spot on, relevant, and a beacon for anyone considering a freelance path. The more you know going into freelancing the better chance you have of accomplishing your goals. Freelancing is tough but it is also ultra rewarding beyond belief and a life’s experience that make all the pain in the beginning well worth it.

Keith B Dixon is a Professional Freelance Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Keith specializes in corporate event photography, executive portraits, and editorial assignment work in the health care, computer technology, biotech, and real estate. Keith’s work is regularly published in print ads, various magazines in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Nationally, and Internationally.

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