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11 tips for optimizing your business YouTube channel

Having a social media marketing strategy is an essential part of business in the digital and social era we live in and YouTube is a popular platform that should be taken advantage of. YouTube is the second most used search engine allowing you to reach your target markets and strengthen SEO. By being integrated with Google it’s also an effective way for small businesses to show up on Google. Many benefits can be gained by implementing a YouTube marketing strategy. It’s important that you first set-up your YouTube channel and optimize it so it complements your overall marketing strategy.

Here is a list of tips for optimizing your YouTube channel:

1. Custom profile background image and high quality cover photo
Make sure to upload a high quality image as your cover photo. Your company’s logo is good option to have as your cover photo. Your Channel Art should match the designs of your other social networks profile backgrounds. YouTube Channel Art image dimensions are 2560 X 1440 px. You can download a template here

2. Complete About section with keywords, call-to-action and links to your website and social networks
Fill out the About section with information on what your YouTube channel will provide viewers as well as what you do as a company and how to further connect for more information. Include relevant keywords in this description associated with the industry and location you operate in. There is also an option to include links to your social networks and a custom link section that you should include important web pages from your website like a link to your Products page.

3. Link social accounts and add links to other social network and website on Cover Art section
There is an option located on you Channel Art section that says “Edit links”. This is where you should include links to your other social networks and your website. This will also help to contribute to your SEO strategy by creating backlinks to your website. San has a good example of an optimized YouTube channel, notice their social icon links on the bottom of their Channel Art

4. Put channel keywords in place
By clicking your profile image in the upper right corner you can access your YouTube settings. Once in your creator studio click CHANNEL, the ADVANCED. Here you’ll see an option for “Channel keywords”. Include relevant keywords that you would associate with your channel, keywords are separated with a comma. This is a very important step in increasing your visibility on YouTube search results.

5. Add in-video programming call-to-action to videos
In your creator studio click CHANNEL and then INVIDEO PROGRAMMING. You can upload an image that will be displayed on all your videos that once users click on it they will have an option to subscribe to your channel.

6. Create playlists and channel homepage video (video trailer)
Add a homepage video to play for users that visit your channel. Create a playlist and included a complete description of what that playlist is about. Your playlists can be shown on the front page of your YouTube channel and allow you to capture viewers’ attention quickly. An example of one good playlist category is a products playlist, where you can highlight each of your products of services. How-To videos are another common playlist to create.

7. Verify account and website
In your creator studio click CHANNEL, the ADVANCED. Here you’ll see an option for “Associated website” where you will be provided with some instructions on what to do next.

8. Obtain custom YouTube URL if available
To add a custom URL, use the following steps: Make sure you're signed into YouTube, and go to your advanced account settings. Under Channel Settings, click Create custom URL. Once you've chosen your custom URL, it will appear like this:

Optimizing Videos Uploaded:

9. Write relevant video titles and include relevant tags in all videos uploaded
Your YouTube video titles are essential in helping your video be found. Make sure the file is saved with the appropriate title as well. YouTube has some marketing tools that will help with developing an optimized video. One tool is YouTube Trends, which allows you to see what videos are most popular. The second one is YouTube Keyword Tool, that shows search volume and suggested keywords for a given keyword or phrase. You need to also choose a video category that matches your video.

10. Have a complete video description with keywords and link to website and social profiles in description for all videos uploaded
Always including a link to your website and other social networks in your video descriptions will make it easier for viewers to connect on your other networks and will help increase traffic to your website.

11. Geo-tag your videos
There’s an option while you’re uploading your video to choose a video location. It would be a good idea to choose the location of your business and tag that location onto all the videos you make to improve on local search visibility.

Now your YouTube channel is set-up, time to start promoting your videos and creating a video editorial calendar. Got any other social media tips I didn’t list? Comment below

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