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11 Questions With Natalia Celino

Scottish Actress Natalia Celino
Provided By Natalia Celino

First and foremost, where did it all start? The desire to be a part of the film industry that is.

"I always remember from a very young age wanting to be an actress but didn't want to tell anyone for some reason, I think it came from being in the family business and too scared to say. I don't want to do this forever, I have other plans."

You have a distinctively elegant accent, where exactly are you from?

"My father is Italian and my mother is Irish/American but I am born and bred in Scotland."

Tell us a little bit of the preparation process before a day of being behind the camera.

"Lines lines lines..nothing worse than going on set and not knowing your lines so I'm very anal about that..I need my peace and quite in a chilled out zone."

In “A Vampire’s Tale” you play quite a unique character, give our readers a brief description of Lilith and also how it felt to become her.

"There is a myth that Lilith was Adam's first girlfriend before Eve, however she basically refused to do what she was told and crossed over to the dark side.

Lilith was a very exciting character to become, shes very strong, powerful, sexy and I had a lot of fun being her, especially the fight training I had to do for some scenes which is my dream thing. I have a few dream roles that I wish to get one day and one of them being a tough action lady, (smiling)."

Are there any other aspects or areas of the entertainment industry that you are currently in, or wish to be a part of?

"I am a very organized person so I like to do some producing, to be honest I love all aspects and love to learn about everything behind the camera or post production in edit."

How long have you been professionally active?

"(Smiling) I have been professionally active since 2006."

Working with Doug Bradley must have really been something, give us a highlight or two.

"Doug was a great guy to work with, he looks mean, but hes a big softie, likes to have a good laugh and try to make you muck up your lines when hes being playful."

The locations for your films are gorgeous, where is your favorite place that your job has enabled you to travel to?

"The best place to date has got to be in a mountain in Madrid for 5 weeks. It was amazing waking up to the views every morning and I shall soon be working in America so I'm excited for that."

“A Vampire’s Tale” or “Deranged”? Which one would you recommend Horror fans first?

"Oh that's hard as they are very different. I would maybe say Deranged to break you in gently first (laughing)"

What other projects are you currently working on at the moment, or in the future?

"I shall be filming on a thriller called "Suppertime" which will be filming in the states."

Here's your chance to say whatever it is you would like to say to your fans as well as the general public and my readers, any special thank yous, updates, crazy slogans, whatever, let it fly!

"Chase the dream.not the competition."

Natalia Celino has been in "A Vampire's Tale" and "Deranged" both of which are available at your local Redbox in the United States. Do yourself a favor and pick one, or both of them up soon and support this actress and the films that she is featured in.
I thank you for reading this interview and also give thanks to Natalia for taking the time to talk with me about her career and life. Share this with anyone that is a fan of Horror films!


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