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11 Questions to consider when choosing a college major

It is back to school time! Colleges and vocational schools are gearing up for their Fall semesters. Yet, many incoming freshman, sophomores, and a few upperclassmen are still struggling to declare a major. One of the contributing factors of their stress and indecision are the mixed messages which are prevalent in today's career culture.

On one hand students are instructed by career gurus that "following their inner passion" will lead them to the occupation of their dreams. Another school of thought suggests that students should pursue a practical vocation which will ensure them steady employment throughout their careers.

However, choosing a course of study involves more than choosing between following your passion vs. a practical vocation.

Below are 11 questions to consider when choosing a college major.

1. How many years will it take to complete the degree/certificate program?

2. Do you have the option of enrolling as a part-time student?

3. How will you pay for the degree/certificate program?

4. Does the degree program offer the option of enrolling into online classes?

5. What types of books and other learning materials are required for this particular major?

6. What is the future employment outlook for this particular industry?

7. Do your natural skillsets fall in line with this particular major?

8. Are you passionate about this particular major?

9. Will you need to obtain additional degrees after college in order to successfully work in your field of study?

10. Can you use this degree anywhere or are you limited to a specific region?

11. What is the typical class load for this particular major?

As you read the questions listed above, you may have felt a surge of panic course through your body because you are unsure of where to turn to for answers. Relax, in this age of Google and other powerful search engines, the answers to these questions are a click away. However, more than likely you already know someone whom is working in the same or similar field as the one you wish to pursue. One of the best ways to ferret them out is through your current network of family, friends, and co-workers.

Another way is to attend the networking events being held in this particular industry on a regular basis.

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