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11 charged after basketball brawl at Ware Shoals High School

Ware Shoals campus, scene of brawl after Friday night basketball game
Ware Shoals campus, scene of brawl after Friday night basketball game
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Eleven people have now been charged after a Ware Shoals brawl erupted after Friday's basketball game, Fox Carolina reported February 5.

This Examiner article covered last weeks fight.

It was first thought a verbal slur had started the fight, but The Tamassee-Salem coach and athletic director Ed Fry, Tamassee-Salem principal Steve. M.R. Moore and Ware Shoals High principal and athletic director disputed this cause as being the cause.

What has been determined is a Ware Shoals player threw the first punch, with the brawl soon breaking out on the floor. People were injured, including two Ware Shoals police officers. One officer was elbowed in the face and kicked while he was prying to prevent people from climbing a fire escape leading to the team's locker room.

One of the officers was trying to prevent a woman from climbing the fire escape stairs when she refused to leave the room. This woman was moved, but the officer was injured when he slipped trying to stop a man from climbing the stairs. The officer suffered a knee injury when he slipped and was kicked.

Four juveniles, six adults and one person who hasn't been identified have been charged in the fight.

The minimum punishment for this type of disobedience is being suspended for two games. Tamassee-Salem Principal Moore suspended four of his players from a game held Tuesday evening.

More arrests may be made as more evidence is uncovered in investigation.

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