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11 Articles for comic book industry professionals

The comic book industry has come a long way from the days of Dick Tracy, Family Circle, and Superman. Back then, there were only a few places in which comic book professionals could work. However, these days it is much easier for comic book professionals to launch there careers independently.

Below are 11 helpful articles for comic book industry professionals:

1. Requirements for Becoming a Comic Book Artist

2. So You Want My Job: Comic Book Artist

3. What it Takes to be a Comic Artist

4. Comic Book Penciller- How To Be A Comic Book Penciller

5. WHAM! POW! BLAM! Blast Your Way Into a Comic Book Career!

6. How to Be a Comic Book Artist

7. What Kind of Education Do You Need to Have a Career as a Comic Book Artist & Publisher?

8. How to Make & Sell Your Own Comic Book

9. How to Sell Your Own Comics at Comic Con

10. Thoughts on Reviewing Comics

11. How to Open a Comic Bookstore


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