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11/11 … more like YES-vember!

Hatch Show overseas
Hatch Show overseas
credit to Hatch Show Print & Jason Brown & Chelsea space

Before I get going on helping give you the light of the matter for this week, I want to quickly share and reflect on the past year of East Side Storytellin' (a bi-monthly event that I help put together with some very talented and unique Nashville artists).

Starting with The Smoking Flowers at Rumours East last November 6th, Carolina Story at Fat Bottom Brewing in the middle, and finishing this set of the 1st anniversary of East Side Storytellin' with Old Hazelwood at Mad Donna's this past October, enjoy every track that Tom Eizonas gave me from pretty much every show in between. We're just getting started with East Side Storytellin' but WOW what a start!!!!! Feel free to like, burn, and share to spread the LOVE. Thanks to everyone involved!

Our next East Side Storytellin' is next Tuesday, November 19th, at 7pm, at Mad Donna's (1313 Woodland Street), with featured poet Nicole Branigan and musician Kim Logan. Starts promptly and is finished by 8:30pm. See this link and help spread the word-

Speaking of dates and happy memories, here's a fantastic East Side Storytellin' alum on the rise in The Rough & Tumble. Last week, on November 4th, I was on a trip home with my family after celebrating a life-changing event happily together. This week, a week later, I give you evidence from Mallory and Scott to show just how important the 4th of November was/is. Give a listen and watch to the fun new video called "4th of November." See this link and LIKE it and share -

Tommorow, Tuesday, November 12th, from 6-8:30pm (London Time), if you are down to spread the word or wanna get a ticket to fly over the big pond and hit up London to see Chelsea space and the very first UK exhibition dedicated to the American letterpress art of Hatch Show Print, you are in luck! There will be a private viewing with live music from Nashville's Ned Luberecki (banjo) and Stephen Mougin (guitar). With the help of of curator/collector Jason Brown, Hatch Show Print is primed to make a HUGE splash on the Brit's art world. The exhibition itself will provide a rare opportunity to view archive material and stunning posters from this world-renowned producer of letterpress design and explore the importance of the art of the poster in the history of communication. Whether you make it to or not, this is a big-freakin' deal to know about and celebrate some local artists doing good.

Also tomorrow, a little closer to home, Honest Lewis is yet again hosting another FREE "A Night of Free Speech" at Logue's Black Raven Emporium for a night of poetry, prose, rants, and manifestos from 7-10pm (2915 Gallatin Road). Again, you better get there early if you plan on signing up to read in front of a positive prose posse. Just saying, it is a good time had by all.

Also also tomorrow, over at Fort Houston (500 Houston Street), The Beehive Design Collective (a non-profit arts and activism organization dedicated to ''cross-pollinating the grassroots" is partnering with Nashville Folk + Free Skool and Fort Houston to share their recently completed work called "Mesoamerica Resiste." Translation services will be provided (English-Spanish) for the final installment in a trilogy of graphics that began with posters about Free Trade and the Drug War. It is a collaboratively produced, educational illustration was created through an intensive and ongoing process of grassroots research. This is a pretty deep, impactful, and enlightening exhibition that will help change your wold and view of it for the better- no question. It begins at 7pm, is FREE, and open to the public.

On Wednesday, November 13th, come back over to Logue's Black Raven Emporium for Coney Island Rock n' Roll Roadshow returning to Nashville. A night packed full of entertainment, Coney Island style, there will be bands, burlesque, and sideshows! What else do you want on a Wednesday?

Jumping to Thursday, November 14th, at Lipscomb University's John C. Hutcheson Gallery, there will be an opening reception for Brooklyn-based artist Katie Bell at 6pm. Bell will present a gallery talk as part of the University's Visiting Artist Program. Bell uses salvaged building materials from homes - carports, flooring, window shades, etc. - and organizes the materials into abstract, cool compositions.

Friday, November 15th, from 5:30-8:30pm, over at Bennett Galleries (2104 Crestmoor Road), this is a special note for you to know about a fun evening of art, snacks, and cocktails. You can meet the artists and chat with other collectors. You can kick back and enjoy the latest art from Scott Hill, Carylon Killebrew, and Wanda Choate. There, there … that's your Friday in a nutshell.

That nutshell is a perfect appetizer for your double-featured Saturday in the making. First, welcome to UNDONE- THE last Untitled Show EVER! At 506 Davidson Street, from 6-10pm, 506 Events Gallery will provide the space for the final art show of the year (and the foreseeable future). Undone will be a night of letting go, wrapping up, and breaking free. It will also be a night to say thanks to the 100's, if not 1,000's, of artists and volunteers who have helped make over the 75 past shows possible since the group's inception in 1991.

As a group, Untitled wishes to continue their role as quirky outsider to the Nashville art scene and in that spirit has made the decision to host only one final show in 2013 and to not plan any art shows for 2014 and beyond. Untitled’s board will continue to meet and plot how best to continue the organization’s mission–historically Untitled has had multiple periods of hiatus and rebirth in their 20 plus years in Nashville–and may re-emerge with new ways to contribute to, subvert, and transform Nashville’s evolving arts culture. This will be a perfect chance to reflect on what Untitled has done and to think about what it will look like going forward. Come out and support this amazing organization made up of all local artists.

Second on Saturday, over at Boheme Collectif (919 Gallatin Avenue, Suite 8), from 7-10pm, drop by and see a sultry photo exhibition called "POUT." There will be 10 photographers exhibiting their amazing photos in the styles of: Sexy, Sultry, High Fashion, Odd, Surreal, etc. There will be desserts, drinks, music, photos by local Nashville artists and a very special NYC guest. Quite a Saturday night indeed.

Then, on Sunday, I have two more special events to know about and experience. First, at 2pm, at the Tennessee State Museum, it is FREE admission for a special presentation with renowned Cherokee storyteller Gayle Ross. Ross, the great, great, great granddaughter of Cherokee Chief John Ross - who was chief of the Cherokee Nation during the Trail of Tears - will share stories that she heard from her grandmother. Talk about epic stuff. And second on Sunday, at Octane! Art Gallery (1000 Main Street), from 8-10pm, artist Jeff Bertrand is hosting Mike Maxwell's 1st solo art show in Nashville, TN. Inspired by both natural and human destruction, some of the work revolves around the power and aftermath of such events like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and even war. The exhibition, "We're All In This Together," is sure to entertain all your senses like the other things I've mentioned above throughout the week all over the place. Make it a point to drop by, won't you?

Now, before I go for today, I thought I'd share this following link I saw the other day. It's a sign that we still have ways to go. I thought this was a funny, cool link of what people in 1910 thought we'd look like by 2000 :)

And with that, I bid you good day and week ahead. Remember to be nice to one another in this beautiful mess we've all made and we're a part of for now.

much love,


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