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10th Anniversary of 1st Friday Art Walk, Sept. 5

Scarves in 4Word Art
Scarves in 4Word Art
Catherine Al-Meten

Salinas 1st Friday Art Walk Celebrates 10 year Anniversary

On Friday, September 5, 2014, the Salinas celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the First Friday Art Walk. This community event has been serving up art, music, book signings and authors’ events, food, dancing and singing, and lots of community spirit and support for the local art and music community over the past 10 years.

On the 1st Friday of every month, from 5:00-8:00 P.M., the place to be is Salinas at the First Friday Art Walk. Over 50 galleries, shops, restaurants, and organizations, in the charming downtown 3-block area of Salinas, invite you in to enjoy art, music, food, and a good time. Each locale offers something different. In one gallery, you may find a photography exhibit, a local author signing books, and a live music performance. At another shop you may find a painting exhibit and a print making demonstration. There are activities for everyone in the family, with special events planned for children regularly (mask making, children’s art fair, or music lessons). Art, dance, music, food, and a relaxing atmosphere continue to be found each month at the 1st Friday Art Walk. If you have not been before or if you are a regular attendee, Friday, September 5 is a great date to put on your calendar. The event is free, and no reservations or formal dress is required. Get your new school year off to a good start by supporting and enjoying the 1st Friday Art Walk in September. Start your Art Walk at 100 Main Street in downtown Salinas. For more information about this event, contact Patricia Triumpho Sullivan: (Phone) 831-594-1799 or

Founder and organizer of the 1st Friday Art Walk, Patricia Triumpho Sullivan, has continuously worked hard to gather people together to make this event as successful as it is. It would be enough if this was the only thing Sullivan was doing, but it is just one of many events, businesses, projects, and organizations she is involved in. Watch for the September launching of a monthly feature, Artist of the Month, featuring Patricia Triumpho Sullivan.