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106 mph winds: Flooded Britain slammed by huge winds, rain

106 mph winds have taken to beating down the UK.
106 mph winds have taken to beating down the UK.
NBC 40

Bad weather is spreading across the United Kingdom right now, and some of the flooded areas are experiencing 106 mph winds. According to NBC 40 on Feb. 12, 2014, severe climate changes have caused big-time storms, but experts are not yet saying that global warming is the culprit.

Britain's west coast is the latest to have to deal with the horrible wain and 106 mph winds that have pushed trees over, knocked trucks off the road, and even caused a large portion of the railway to close.

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England had its wettest January since record-taking began way back in 1766. The storms have been bad ever since Dec. of 2013.

Countless homes in the low-lying Somerset Levels and Thames Valley have been flooded with water after the Thames burst through its banks. These areas are west of London and have even brought about signs being posted that tell citizens "Do Not Travel."

Experts are saying that "all the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change," but others are saying there is "no definitive answer" on its role in the recent bad weather.

Residents are battening things down and preparing for even more bad weather despite the recent rash of 106 mph winds and heavy rains. There is no telling when things may end.

"I tried to prepare for this, I bought 100 pounds of sand and I called the council," said Suhair Al-Fouadi, a resident of the town of Egham, who woke Wednesday to find a foot of water in her house. "But they would do nothing. Now I have water from the sewer coming in through my doors."

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