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106 mph winds in Britain bring cautions against travel, activities

106 mph wind gusts hit Aberdaron Wednesday
106 mph wind gusts hit Aberdaron Wednesday
Photo credit: Eric Jones via Wikimedia Commons

Some 106 mph winds have taken Britain by storm, and the bad weather is just the latest round in a rocky winter for those in the area. The Christian Science Monitor shared the details on Feb. 13.

High winds and torrential rain have hit the west coast of the area, causing trees to fall and trucks to veer off the road. The Virgin Trains website warned people not to travel during the weather that has been bringing gusts of up to 106 mph winds.

The weather in England has been brutal since December, with some areas experiencing severe flooding. The weather has intensified steadily compared to what residents are used to seeing, and experts are suggesting that climate change could be responsible.

The 106 mph winds were recorded at Aberdaron in northwestern Wales on Wednesday. This prompted the Met Office to issue a red warning, and many activities were postponed as travel became treacherous. While intense weather is being seen in many areas worldwide, the 106 mph winds in Britain are certainly unsettling for many.