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105 Freeway update: Suicide jumper strands motorists for 3 hours on 105 Freeway

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In a 105 Freeway update, the CHP reports that all lanes on Freeway 105 in Los Angeles are open again. The man who had threatened to jump from a freeway overpass in Paramount and caused all lanes to be closed has been detained. According to an updated report by the Los Angeles Times on April 10, all Freeway 105 lanes had been reopened by 10 p.m.

On Thursday evening around 6:30 p.m., the CHP issued a SigAlert that all lanes on both sides of Freeway 105 were closed. Eastbound traffic was backed up almost to Freeway 110, and some people tweeted that it was also backed up all the way to the 605. CHP diverted eastbound traffic onto Long Beach Boulevard and the westbound traffic onto Lakewood Boulevard.

According to the CHP, the freeway closure was caused by a man who was sitting on a freeway overpass in Paramount and was threatening to jump. While authorities tried to convince the suicidal man not to jump -- and until they were able to detain him -- all traffic stopped.

For three hours, motorists were stranded on the freeway until the SigAlert was cleared and traffic could move again. To pass the time, many motorists used to time to walk around on the freeway, socialize with other stranded motorists, and to take “selfies.” KTLA’s Twitter page shows some of the “selfies.”

When Freeway 105 was reopened around 9:30 p.m., motorists put their cameras or cellphones away, headed back to their cars, and rejoined the now moving Los Angeles freeway traffic.