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100th Picnic Day in Davis

Celebrate UC davis
Celebrate UC davis

Are you ready? Every year since 1914 there has been a Picnic day in Davis at the University of California campus. First established in 1905 as a "farm" of UC Berkeley, this campus is now a Liberal Arts campus as well as home to King Law School, a school of Medicine and Veterinary.

The first Picnic day was 1909 between just the faculty and the students. The campus mascot "Molly" walked from Davis to Berkeley in 97 hours. The campus offered Coffee and Cream but the attendees had to bring their own cups and spoons.

The only interruption of this classic celebration was 1941-1944 when the campus was closed down for military training on campus during WWII. There fore, this is the 100 years of Picnic day at UCD.

This diverse oriented campus enjoys a festive atmosphere in the Spring. They celebrate their own heritage with exhibits of all the various departments along with demonstrations of campus labs and projects. Included is the dog races.

This is a alcohol free campus, so bring water or sodas and a picnic basket. There will be food for sale, as well as free stuff all over campus. There will be plant give aways in all areas including the winery department.

The bands have been practicing all year for this event. After the morning parade the schedule is full for the day. There will be Art galleries, Design museums, and other types of sporting events.

This Saturday April 12, 2014 is the day to celebrate the idea of a picnic in the grass with the kids and grandparents while enjoying the bounty California was known along side the advances of the University of California has afforded.

The unique Red London double deckers will be running all day but at a $1.00 per person per ride. There will also be hayrides available.

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