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'1001 Spikes' heads for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U with 'loyalty discount'

Today May 30, 2014 Nicalis announced that their upcoming action-platformer 1001 Spikes will be headed onto the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS on June 3, 2014. Nintendo 3DS players who own a previous Nicalis title will score a special "loyalty discount" of $5 off the game's $14.99 retail, knocking it down to $9.99.

1001 Spikes screenshots
1001 Spikes screenshots
Photo courtesy of Nicalis, used with permission.
1001 Spikes screenshot
Photo courtesy of Nicalis, used with permission.

Previous Nicalis titles available on the Nintendo 3DS include:

  • NightSky
  • Cave Story
  • Ikachan
  • Grinsia

1001 Spikes will also be available on The PlayStation Network as Cross-Buy title for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions at $14.99. Steam users who've purchased Cave Story or Night Sky will get a special $5 discount off the game.

In 1001 Spikes you'll:

Discover the lost treasures of Ukampa in South America as Aban Hawkins searches for his estranged father, world-famous archaeologist Jim Hawkins. Before the elder Hawkins mysteriously disappeared, he entrusted his daughter Tina with a map to the location of the ruins with a grave warning that death awaits around every corner.

The developers 8Bits Fanatics claim it's "tough-as-nails," and the trailer for the game's multiplayer (see attached video) sure makes this 8-bit inspired platformer look intriguing. We're looking forward to diving into the game's 100 plus stages with multiple endings.

Check back for a link to our review of the Nintendo 3DS version after we've gotten our hands on the game.

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