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100 Years Old: Rectory at Holy Trinity Catholic

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Nearly a century ago the new rectory at Holy Trinity was completed. The large American four-square building at the corner of 3rd St and Division St (Court St) housed the church's priests and still stands today.

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Holy Trinity rectory cost a cool $15,000 to build and was made of dark mission brick. The large structure replaced an older residence and some other buildings. It took nearly a year to complete, delayed by a hard winter and other setbacks. The front and side porches dominated the view from the corner, though a conservatory/sleeping porch was located on back. The roof had four dormers and bright colored tile, all still intact. A formal reception room and a library were downstairs, as were the kitchen, butler's pantry, and dining room. Upstairs were the priests' apartments which opened into a common hall, and in the back portion, cut off from the front, were servants' quarters. A hall connected the rectory to the church for easy access.

Holy Trinity church burned down in 1950 on Palm Sunday and the church moved into temporary quarters in the school. Sometime around when the new, present church was built in the late 1950s, a new educational unit was added in front of the rectory. The rectory's front porch was removed and the building's curb appearl was drastically altered.

Still Holy Trinity's rectory stands strong, serving the needs of what is the oldest Catholic parish in Evansville.

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