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100-vehicle crash in UK: Witnesses say mystery man's quick thinking saved lives

100-vehicle crash in UK had 200 injuries, but no deaths.
100-vehicle crash in UK had 200 injuries, but no deaths.

The 100-vehicle crash in the U.K. this week resulted in injuries, but there were no deaths. Witnesses say that no lives were lost due to the actions of a quick thinking mystery man, who was driving a truck. The Kent highway bridge accident went on for 10 minutes as the sounds of brakes squealing and the disturbing noise of metal twisting were all you could make out in the thick fog, say witnesses.

According to WebPro News on Sept. 6, witnesses say a truck driver pulled his truck across the road to block other vehicles from entering the bridge, where the accident occurred. One accident victim said he doesn’t know who the truck driver is, but he’d like to shake his hand and thank him because his actions saved lives on that bridge.

200 people were injured in the 100-vehicle crash, with 30 sent to the hospital and eight of those victims are reported in critical condition. The thick fog that rolled in dropping visibility down to almost nothing is said to play a major part in this crash, along with drivers failing to slow down in the fog.

The 100-vehicle crash occurred on the bridge that connects the Isle of Sheppey to the mainland Kent a little after 7 a.m. local time. Some of the crash victims were stuck on the bridge for nine hours as the fog broke way to an unseasonably hot September day.

The mystery truck driver kept his truck up as a barricade until emergency services arrived and were able to take over and block off the bridge. Whoever the man was in that truck, he has a long line of accident victims who owe him their gratitude today.