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100-vehicle crash in U.K.: Eerie fog causes domino-like crash, dozens injured

100-vehicle crash in UK with 200 injured and 8 were critically injured.
100-vehicle crash in UK with 200 injured and 8 were critically injured.
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100-vehicle crash in the U.K. this morning turned a Kent highway bridge into a scene full of crushed and mangled metal. Eight people were seriously injured in the 100-vehicle crash, with over 200 treated for minor injuries on the scene. Police report that 30 of the injured were transported to area hospitals, according to Fox News on Sept. 5.

The thick morning fog caused the 100 vehicles to crash in a domino-like effect on a multi-lane highway bridge connecting the Isle of Sheppey to the mainland Kent. “Fox and Friends” on Thursday morning showed coverage of the crash from the air. When law enforcement first came on the scene they were going car to car looking for injured stuck in their vehicles.

Because of the large number of cars involved in this crash, a triage tent was set up on the side of the highway so medical personal could assess the dozens of injuries and send them for appropriate medical help at area hospitals.

About 200 people were treated on scene for minor injuries and more than 30 people were sent to area hospitals for further medical treatment. Crews responded quickly reports the senior emergency operations manager Chris Stamp. This was an incident of unprecedented size, but the crews did a marvelous job of getting to the injured in a timely fashion.

Area residents were quoted saying that they never saw anything like this, according to a local newspaper called Kent Online. Because the majority of these crashed vehicles were on a bridge, many who were in this accident were stuck on the bridge for several hours after the crash. They were on the bridge for up to nine hours after the initial crash.

The early morning fog lifted into an unusually hot September day in the U.K. causing another problem for the crash victims. They were stuck out in the sun and heat for those several hours.

One of the crash victims from the 100-vehicle crash described how they were toward the front of the crash and after their car hit the car in front of them on the bridge they got out of their vehicle. For a few seconds it was eerily quiet until the squealing of brakes and the sound of metal twisting broke the silence. Because of the thick fog, they could hear the other cars crashing, but couldn't see them.

Most of the crash victims didn’t realize the scope of the crash because the fog was so thick, they couldn’t see the 100 plus vehicles that were around them in the crash until the fog lifted later.

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