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100 tips for presentation mastery: How to prep and pack

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This article is a continuation of a series offering 100 tips for delivering a masterful presentation that will leave them cheering for more.

Past articles have introduced the topic and discussed client expectations, persona, design, scripting, and rehearsal.

This article examines prepping: tips for getting ready.

Tip 14 – Have and follow a materials list

Through scripting, you will have developed a materials list. Use it. Verify that you have packed everything you will need to deliver your presentation. Don’t arrive without your laptop, computer connectors, handouts, and other required materials.

Tip 15 – Refresh your materials

If you use posters, signs, or easel paper, you will likely want to stick them to the walls. Verify that the tape you will use still has its “stick.” Posters falling off the wall during your presentation distract and, subconsciously, suggest a presentation that is crashing down all around the presenter.

Tip 16 – Back up everything

All your best preparation can be for naught if the unexpected happens. The best defense is a back up plan. Have a standby outfit in case your luggage is lost. Wear something other than your presentation clothes for breakfast on the morning of your presentation to avoid unsightly coffee stains. Pack a sewing kit. Carry a small spray bottle filled with cleaning solution (Oxiclean is ideal).

Remotes, microphone packs, props, and other materials will likely require batteries. Don’t try to stretch every last ounce of power out of your batteries. Replace them often. If you don’t you may have to contend with slides that won’t advance, microphones that won’t amplify, and props that don’t function.

What related tips do you have? Feel free to share.

In the next article of this series we will examine distracting personal habits as we offer 100 tips for delivering a masterful presentation that will leave them cheering for more.