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100 Kid's Summer Activities

Backyard Campout
Backyard Campout

School is finally out for the summer— but hanging around the pool and playing video games only go so far. If you're wondering how to entertain your kiddos for the next few months without breaking the bank, these ideas might come in handy for your summer bucket list.


1. Kids Bowl Free
Kids ages 15 and under can bowl two games for free every day of the summer at participating bowling centers. All you need to do is register at:

2. CineMark’s Summer Movie Clubhouse
See 10 kid friendly films for $5 when purchase a package in advance or pay $1 a film at the box office. Be sure to check the theater for special show times.

3. Target Sponsored Events
Check Target’s website for free or reduced priced events.

4. Go Berry and Vegetable Picking

5. Visit a Farm

6. Go Geocaching
Sign up for free, take a tutorial, search for Geocache sites nearby and download an app to your mobile phone.

7. Hotel Staycations
Spend the night in a hotel and explore your city, or one nearby.
Try searching for hotel discounts available for local residents at

8. Make Extra Cash With a Summer Job

9. Volunteer

10. Take a Kids' Cooking Class

11. Go to an Ethnic Super Market
Explore an exotic location without leaving your city. Search for markets near your location with

12. Go Zip-lining

13. Hunt for Treasures
Search for gems, artifacts, fossils and more. Find information on how and where at:

14. Visit a State Park
Most all of the State Parks offer cheap or free programs, ranging from canoeing and kayaking to fully equipped camping trips and star watching parties.

15. Go to a Flea Market

16. Visit a Museum

17. Lowes Build and Grow Kids Clinics–DIY wooden project workshops (free)

18. Home Depot Kids Workshops– DIY assorted project workshops (free)

19. Michaels Kids Club– Create a variety of crafts ($2)

20. Pottery Barn Kids Events and Activities (free)

Craft Activities

21. DIY Stickers
Cut old photos or magazine pictures into shapes. Spread repositionable glue on back then let dry. Kids can stick and re-stick as often as they like.

22. Bubbles That Bounce
Recipe: Mix together 1 cup of distilled water, 2 tablespoons of Dawn dish soap, 1 tablespoon of glycerin.

23. Make Some Snazzy Sneakers
Paint clean canvas sneakers with fabric paint pens or acrylic paint.

24. Make Your Own Water Bombs
Cut 3 new, rectangular shaped sponges (colored ones) into 6 long rods, cinch them across the middle with a rubber band and fluff into a ball.

25. Marshmallow and Toothpick Architecture
Design three dimensional buildings using toothpicks and mini-marshmallows.

26. Pine Cone Birdfeeders
Tie a string under ridges of pine cone, cover it in unsalted peanut butter then roll it in birdseed and hang it outside the window.

27. Edible Finger Paints
Mix Duncan Hines Frosted Creation flavor powder mixes and vanilla yogurt together to make a variety of colors.

28. Picasso Party
Kids will enjoy painting masterpieces on huge canvases, or cardboard. Give them a palette, brushes and use an outside wall for an easel.

29. Make a Scrapbook

30. Paint with Ice
Fill ice cube trays with washable tempera paint and freeze, then let the messy fun begin.

31. Cardboard Box Crafts

32. Paper Mache Airplane
Cut wings and tail out of paper plate, attach to empty plastic bottle with masking tape. Cover with glue and paste wet shredded paper. Dry and paint.

33. Duct Tape Crafts

34. Paper Towel Roll Tree
Assemble empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls together with masking tape in the shape of a trunk with branches. Paint it brown and glue on real leaves or make your own with construction paper.

35. Make a Fairy Doll House
Hot glue dried tree bark to oatmeal canister with a door cut out. Brush glue on bark and sprinkle with glitter.

36. Bottle Cap Magnets

37. Homemade Play Dough and More

38. Colored Salt Art in a Jar
Like sand art using salt. Use kosher salt and food coloring to make a variety of colored salt. Layer in jars and use a straw to dig holes and fill in with different colors.

39. Painting With Egg Cartons
Cut egg cartons into sections, dip bottoms into tempera paints and stamp on paper.

40. Make a Hula Hoop Rug

Cooking Activities

41. Have a Cookie Decorating Party

42. Make 50 Amazing Popsicles

43. Cakeballs
Bake a cake, cool, break it up into tiny pieces and mix in one can of frosting. Using one-inch ice cream scoop, form into balls and freeze until hard. Dip in melted white chocolate and decorate with sprinkles or colored chocolate.

44. Tabletop S’mores
Place a Sterno down in a mug, (Sterno Gel Fuel is non-toxic) top with metal apple corer for the tabletop grill. Try different combinations like flavored marshmallows, cookies and white chocolate.

45. Make Homemade Pizzas
Let the kids knead the dough, allow it to rise, then stretch it into shapes and add toppings.

46. Easy Bake Chocolate Cookies

47. Learn About Another Culture: Cook a meal from a foreign country

48. Pies on a Stick
Using biscuit cutter or glass, cut pie dough into circles, put teaspoon of fruit filling in center of one circle, then press together with other dough circle, put on lollipop stick, bake until golden.

49. Make these yummy Rainbow Mini Trifles

50. Campfire Cones
Spread peanut butter inside of cones, fill with bananas, chocolate chips and marshmallows. Wrap in foil, cook over hot coals for 10 minutes.

51. Rice Krispies Fruit Kabobs
Make rice Krispie bars, cut into shapes with cookie cutters and dip in sprinkles. Alternate cut up fruit and rice Krispie shapes on skewers.

52. Grilled Cheese Crescent Bites
Fill Crescent roll dough with folded slices of Kraft cheese, brush with butter and bake.

53. Perfect for July 4th–Dipped Red White & Blue Strawberries

54. Homemade Cheesy Bread Rolls

55. Frittata Muffins

56. Chocolate Drizzle Pretzels

57. Teddy Bear Bread

58. Baked Heart-Shaped Doughnuts

59. Strawberry Shortcake

60. The Ultimate Kid's Cooking Guide

Inside Activities

61. Have a Tea Party

62. Treat the kids to a Spa Slumber Party

63. Throw a Glow in the Dark Dance Party

64. Make a Shadow Puppet Show

64. Make a Home Drive-in Movie

66. Keep young kids entertained with Busy Bags

67. Sensory Bins for Ages 1-5

68. Science Experiments

69. Creative Bath Time

70. Nerf Shooting Range

71. Make a Stairway Slide

72. Make a your own Movie

73. Create your own Book

74. Make an Indoor Sandbox

75. Have an Indoor campout

76. Make an Indoor Construction Site

77. Put on a Magic Show

78. Put on a Play

79. Indoor game Ideas

80. Build an indoor Obstacle Course

Outside Activities

81. Deluxe Kid Wash

82. Body Painting– Let the kids paint each other with washable non-toxic tempera paint.

83. Make a Giant Lawn Twister Game

84. Have a Backyard Campout

85. Explore the Night Sky and Make a Moon Journal

86. Go Bug Collecting

87. Outdoor Movie Theater

88. Backyard Photo Scavenger Hunt

89. A-Z Scavenger Hunt

90. Make a Giant Water Blob

91.Outdoor Obstacle Course

92. Create a Play Garden

93. Make a Beach in the Backyard

94. Go Ice Block Sledding on the Grass– Purchase ice blocks or fill up a plastic storage bin and freeze your own.

95. Organize a 4th of July Bike Parade

96. Build a Playhouse

97. Make a Shaving Cream Slip and Slide

98. Build a Water Wall

99. Paint the Sidewalk With Liquid Chalk

100. Have a Neighborhood Car Wash

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