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100 days until frogs: A perspective on time passing and the vow to get organized


  100 days until frogs (photo by Daniel Tako)

In Minnesota, it is only 100 days until frogs! When it is put that way, spring seems like it is almost here, and any New Year's resolution seems more manageable when put in this perspective. In 100 days, the bedroom windows can be opened which will make the frogs in stereo upstairs. If you are feeling worn down after the holidays and cold and beaten down by winter, there it is. Have hope and time and perspective to accomplish your organizing goals or any other goal.

Be kind to yourself. Don't try to accomplish all your New Year's resolutions at once. If you want to "get organized," tackle a small area each day. Don't get burnt out. Set the timer for ten or fifteen minutes a few evenings per week and tackle a spot that bugs you. You will be pleased by your progress!

Goal setting or New Year's resolutions boil down to time management which, if we are honest, is life management. Try How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life by Alan Lakein. It is the "original" time management book, cited by 100 other books on this topic.

Now for a little perspective: 100 days until frogs. Time passes regardless of what you do or don't do in work, in relationships, in life. You get to decide what you do with it. If you "fall off the wagon," don't beat yourself up. Try again tomorrow. It doesn't matter how many times you fall. What matters is that you pick yourself up each time and begin again.


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