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100 calories: vegetables versus candy

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There are those times of year where everyone's sweet tooth seems to succumb to extra temptations; those times are often known as Easter and Halloween. The immediate rush of energy and indulgence is short lived and often comes with a blood sugar drop and a need to eat more sweets. Unfortunately candy is usually not filling and rarely if ever nutritional.

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The long term effects of eating sugary snacks is clear in medical studies. The empty calories leads to weight gain and elevated blood pressure. The American Heart Association has also found links between diabetes, heart disease, and stroke as a result of increased sugary foods.

In addition to not being healthy, candy is not very filling when compared to vegetables on a calorie basis. In this slideshow, there are servings and details of what 100 calories of vegetables looks like compared to 100 calories of Easter candy. So the next time you get a craving, head to the refrigerator and grab some fresh produce.