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100.9 WAY-FM's Healthy Wealthy Wise 2010, Saturday January 23, 2010

It is within your power to make 2010 a much better year than 2009. Are you going to do it?
100.9 WAY-FM is going to help you and your family.

Healthy Wealthy & Wise 2010. A day full of great offers and deals and great information all designed with you in mind – to live a healthier and more prosperous new year!



Here’s some of participating sponsors and what they’ll be offering you and your family :

1) You’ll get a chance to enroll with a discounted membership to Costco Warehouse Club

2) Sign up for Charleston County Park’s family Gold Pass at a discount to enjoy the parks all year

3) Have nutritious meals prepared and delivered to your family or loved ones for the same cost as your grocery bill by using Healthy Home Foods.

4) Woodruff Wellness Clinic can talk about relieving your chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, and other stress disorders 5

5) compare your cell phone service to T-Mobile’s so you can save money on your monthly cell bill.

6) Want to start your own business? Franchise Mart will showcase dozens of ready-made franchisees available in Charleston.

7) South Carolina Federal Credit Union will show you proven steps to build and maintain a household budget

8) Get to know Chiropractors Brian Class and Brad Gorski to learn how they’ve helped others get pain and stress relief

9) The SC BlueStoreSM from BlueCross will show you it’s health insurance plans to fit a great variety of families and needs

10) Patient One Urgent & Primary Care will have FREE screenings!

And much much more!! Don’t miss it – call a friend to go with you and your family to 100.9’s Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 2010!! Get it on your digital calendar right now..Saturday, January 23rd from 10am to 3pm at the Sheraton Hotel Ballrooms..I-26 & Montague, North Charleston. Admission is FREE!




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