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10 years in prison for distributing heroin and using explosives

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A resident of College Park in Maryland was sentenced today to ten years in prison accused of distributing heroin and oxycodone during two years and possession of explosives that he used to intimidate drug customers who refused paid to him the money for the drug.

According to the plea, from at least January 2011 through December 2012, John Frank Jenkins (30) and his co-conspirators faked prescriptions for oxycodone, which they presented to different pharmacies, obtaining 180 oxycodone pills approximately twice a week, then after Jenkins and his accomplices consumed some of the pills, they sold the rest to the drug addicted people. Then he begun to distribute and sell heroin a cheaper substitute for the oxycodone.

In the course of the events as a result of his illicit activities, Jenkins begun to build explosives to pressure his customers who owe money to him, so in November 2012 he intended to blow up the drug customer’s vehicle and one month after, he used an explosive to damage the house of another drug customer, who fortunately was sleeping in an area distant of the detonation.

The sentenced issued by the U.S. district judge Paul W.Grimm of Greenbelt, Maryland of 121 months in prison, included also 14 months of home detention as part of three years of supervised release. This was imposed by the judge Grimm as a part of concurrent charges for distribute drugs and make explosives. Also Jenkins will have to pay 475 dollars for concept of restitution, was announced by the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein.



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