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10-year-old girl sexually assaulted by 8-year-old boy in Oklahoma school

Edgemere Elementary School website page
Edgemere Elementary School website page

A 10-year-old girl was allegedly raped by two other children in a washroom at Edgemere Elementary School in Oklahoma City. The story was revealed after the girl’s mother, who was waiting in the automobile pickup line for her daughter, saw her daughter running towards her while shaking and crying. Responding to the sight of her daughter, the mother got out of her car and asked the girl what was wrong. The girl told her mother, “They touched me down there,” according to an NBC-affiliated KFOR-TV report on Friday.

According to the young victim, a brother and sister sexually attacked her. Again, according to the mother’s statements regarding her daughter’s version of the incident, the young boy pulled his pants down and then pulled her pants down. Then, while a female classmate held her down on the floor, the classmate’s 8-year-old brother raped her. The victim reportedly screamed but was told she would be beaten up if she didn’t stop yelling.

According to the report, police authorities were notified and came to the scene. They escorted the mother and daughter to a hospital. At the hospital, a rape examination was conducted. The medical documentation supported the 10-year-old’s assertion that she was sexually assaulted as the wounds on her body were consistent with those of a sexual assault.

The mother was quick to blame the teachers at the school, according to the Daily Mail. She said that she’s not just blaming the kids, but she is also blaming the teachers who are supposed to be protecting the children when they’re at school. The school’s district – the Oklahoma City School District – only said that they notified the police immediately after learning of the alleged assault. Edgemere Elementary School is reportedly cooperating with the ongoing investigation. Due to the ages of the attackers and the victim, names have not been released.

Edgemere Elementary School is located at 3200 North Walker, in Oklahoma City. According to its website, the principal is Susan Gee. The school is part of the massive Oklahoma City Public School District. The website for the district says the new Superintendent in July will be Robert Neu but doesn't mention the current superintendent of the district with some 46,000 students and 5,000 employees.