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10 Year Old Girl Gives Back

Toy Collection
Photo by Kevin Bright

Gabrielle Bright is a 10 year old student at Harvest Elementary in Harvest, AL. She likes riding her bike, pogo sticking (she’s trying to break a world record), playing with her dolls, playing basketball, and her mommy. She sounds like a pretty typical 10 year old little girl. That is at first glance. However, if you look a bit longer you start to see a very special young lady.

You might find out, for example, that Gabrielle was once a foster child and was adopted by her now forever family when she was three years old. You might also learn that all three of her siblings have been adopted in the like manner. Gabrielle doesn’t tell this with any shame or embarrassment but with absolute pride. As well she should! She realizes the blessings that have been poured on her and her family and she is happy to tell anyone who will listen.

As you continue to talk to Gabrielle you notice too her very kind heart and keen sense of empathy towards those around her. An example of this is when she heard about the sad and disturbing news that a local charity that collected toys for local foster children had been robbed of many of the Christmas toys collected. She was heartbroken. Then, unbeknownst to her parents, Gabrielle decided to have a toy drive at her school. “I just started thinking about how sad I would be if I didn’t get adopted first then didn’t get any toys for Christmas and knew I had to help all of those kids be happy and not cry on Christmas” said Gabrielle. So she went to her Principal and set up a collection box. Due to the robbery occurring just days before Christmas she had only two days to collect toys. Collect toys she did! The collection box was completely full and several monetary donations were received all because of her efforts.

The Christmas spirit of giving that lives in the heart of this young child is beautiful and spreads hope for us all. If you would like to help Gabrielle to continue to raise money to help the children in foster care you can donate online at the website of the charity here, FOCAL.

May we all find the spirit of Christmas in our own hearts and let it out all year round.

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