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10-year-old drove into DMV: 10-year-old girl charged with 'careless driving'

A 10-year-old drove into a DMV in Colorado and was subsequently charged. On Feb. 13 CBS News reported that the girl got behind the wheel of her mother's SUV which was parked with the keys still inside. The girl hopped into the front seat and must have turned the car on and switched it into gear. It started rolling forward and it crashed into the DMV -- and it was all caught on camera.

The car went straight through a wall but luckily no one was injured. The girl's mother rushed over to the car and told her daughter to step on the brake. The SUV stopped where it was and didn't do any more damage. The little girl was not hurt in the accident.

The 10-year-old who drove into the DMV is facing a charge of reckless driving but it's unclear how steep her punishment will be. Her mother says that the car was not running which means the young girl would have had to turn the car on and then put it into "drive" in order for it to move -- but maybe this really was an accident? No word on whether or not the family has an attorney.

The mother of the young girl was not charged which some people don't agree with. Leaving your child in a car with the keys isn't a smart idea -- but is it a crime?

Should the 10-year old-who drove into the DMV have been charged? Do you think she should be legally punished?

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