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10-year-old boy saves woman's life: Follows gut feeling that something is wrong

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A 10-year-old saves woman’s life in a story that just pulls at your heart-strings today. When Danny DiPeitro was coming home from a hockey came with his dad, he noticed a house with the garage door partially opened. He thought he saw a dog that was accidentally left outside on that bitter cold night in Howell, Michigan.

According to the Digital Journal on Jan. 30, When Danny got home he couldn’t get the sight of that partially opened garage door out of his mind. He continued saying this to his mother and at his persistence, she took him back there to check it out.

When the two arrived, they found an 80-year-old woman with bare feet, who had fallen on ice in her garage. The woman saw them approaching and started waving her hands for them to see her. They called 911 and Danny’s father ran over to the house with a blanket while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

The woman is recuperating in the hospital, but the doctors said she would not have withstood that cold another hour, and that Danny’s persistence paid off greatly, he saved a life.

The woman’s daughter is extremely thankful to the little 10-year-old boy who saved her mother’s life. She is alive today because of Danny following his gut feeling.