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2014 Winter Olympics

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10 worst crashes, falls of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi so far

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are in full swing, and everyone is enjoying watching them, participating in them, and winning the coveted medals. Not everything always goes according to plan though, and accidents can end up happening. Here are the 10 worst crashes and falls that have happened so far at the Sochi Games through Monday, Feb. 10, 2014.

2014 Winter Olympics
Hans Klaus Techt - EPA
This is not the way that anyone wants to land at the Winter Olympics.
Andy Wong

In the slideshow, you'll be able to see the images of the falls as they happen or are about to happen, but the pain is evident in each one. Here are the descriptions - in order - of how the awful crashes and falls at the Winter Olympics have gone down.

1.) Italy's Elena Fanchini lost control during training for the women's alpine skiing downhill and landed right in the security netting on the sides.

2.) Jason Brown of the United States had his feet slip out from under him during his figure skating routine, and the camera caught him as he was about to hit...hard.

3.) Nicole Parks of Australia ended up heels over head with her goggles flying off during her downhill run.

4.) During training of the freestyle aerials training, Liu Zhongqing of China ended up face down in the landing zone with the picturesque Olympic rings above.

5.) In the men's short track 1500-meter final, Park Se Yeong (center) of South Korea and the Netherlands' Sjinkie Knegt (left) collided at 25 miles per hour and slid across the ice.

6.) Germany's Severin Freund was not feeling good after losing his footing during his ski jump landing during the first round of the men's normal hill individual.

7.) Sergey Volkov of Russia was captured in mid-air during the men's freestyle moguls and it was only mere moments until he crashed down into the ground.

8.) In couples figure skating, it's hard to have to rely on someone else or watch them fall. American Simon Shnapir watched as partner Marissa Castelli fell hard backward onto the ice.

9.) Training was rough for a number of competitors as Finland's Otso Raisanen hit hard on the snow during his run on the slopestyle course.

10.) South Korean speed skater slides backward and looks on in horror as a blade is headed right toward him.

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