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10 weeks to a marathon? What you should be doing to prepare in Week 3

You may not be doing a color run, but you still will have fun in Week 3 on the way to a marathon!
You may not be doing a color run, but you still will have fun in Week 3 on the way to a marathon!
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Okay, so you managed to get through Week 2 on your ten-week road to finishing a marathon, right?

You walked and ran a little every day last week, you added stretching to your daily regimen and you hydrated a bit more during your workout than previously. You might feel a little more tired than usual, but that's actually probably helping you sleep better at night. It's a win-win!

Week 3 means just eight weeks left until your 26.2 goal. We hope you stick with it, as we ramp things up a bit on our way to an October 19 marathon.


  • Once again, we're changing it up a bit for the daily exercise routine. After your stretching is done, you're going to walk/run for an hour each day this week. Plan well with your schedule, because we know you're busy. It's hard to get an hour in sometimes, so plan ahead. For this 60-minute workout, you're going to adhere to the follow hybrid plan: walk for 15 minutes, run for ten minutes, walk for ten minutes, run for ten minutes and then walk for 15 minutes. Like last week, make sure you're not overdoing the running—if you're able to have a conversation while jogging, that's a good level to aim for right now. You don't want to be breathing too heavily, because you're still in a base-phase workout mode right now.
  • When you're done with your 60 minutes each day, it's time to add something else to our routine: core. Working your middle section out, lightly for now, will increase your overall body strength. And it's easy! There are four basic core exercises you can do AFTER your 60 minutes: calf raises, lunges, crunches and hamstring bridges. This will take about 15 minutes, so between the pre-workout stretching and the post-workout core, you're going to need 90 minutes a day this week. But it will be worth it in the long run. No one finishes a marathon without training! Do two sets of 20 calf raises each, two sets of 20 lunges each, two sets of 15 crunches, and two sets of 15 bridges. You're going to feel this later, but again, no pain? No gain.
  • As we do more with our bodies, we need to keep it healthy. So you're going to add a post-workout recovery drink to your training this week. Some people like chocolate milk; other like protein shakes. Whatever you choose, make sure you consume it soon after completing your workout for optimum muscle recovery. Your body is moving a lot more than it used to, so you must refuel well. Protein, protein, protein. You also can eat for recovery as well, with a protein bar or something like it. But remember to do it after you've completed your workout each day; you'll feel a lot better tomorrow.

Remember to keep re-visiting the previous weeks' information, too: keep hydrating throughout the day as you keep eating salads, and remember to take enough liquid with you on your 60-minute workouts this week.

Check in every week here for some new tips on how to get prepped for a marathon in just ten weeks. By the end of this series, you'll be able to add one of those "26.2" stickers to the back window of your car, too!

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