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10 ways you can achieve gold medal worthy content in your digital marketing

When it comes to internet marketing the saying is “Content is king” meaning content is the beginning and the backbone of a good internet marketing strategy. Without great content your marketing is like a bobsled team trying to practice on gravel. So, if you want to implement a successful marketing strategy, you need to know how to write gold medal quality content. Get ready to train like an Olympic athlete with our list of ten things you can do to create quality content for your marketing strategy.

  1. Learn about the niche you’re writing for: Whether you’re doing marketing for your company or for someone else’s you need to have basic knowledge of the niche you’re writing for. Without this your content will fail to be informative, interesting, or relevant. Yes, when it comes to digital marketing there’s a lot of content to get through and sometimes you have limited time, but that doesn’t mean you can skip the research. Take the time to research your topic and read some other pieces of content on it. It’ll be worth it in the end.
  2. Make sure each piece of content is 100% original: Reproducing content or plagiarizing won’t get you anywhere and it may get you a penalty from Google. Don’t risk getting disqualified before you even get started. Always write original content, no matter how many pieces you’ve already done on the topic.
  3. Make sure your content is informative, interesting, and relevant: These are three criteria content MUST meet in order to attract people to read it. Informative content gives valuable and correct information. Interesting content is enjoyable for people to read and easy to understand; nobody would choose reading a technical manual over a funny article. Relevant content is directly related to the niche you’re writing in, the site it’s appearing on, and the audience it’s geared towards. These three things are absolutely essential when it comes to content writing. If your content isn’t informative, interesting, and relevant nobody is going to read it because it will be of no value to them nor will it be enjoyable for them to read.
  4. Know your audience: Who is going to be reading your content? Their average age, gender, and education are all things you should have in mind when writing a piece of content. This is important because different things appeal to different groups of people and you want to tailor your content to fit what your audience wants.
  5. Understand the purpose of your content: There are many different types of content in digital marketing and many uses for each. Before you write a piece you should know exactly what it’s purpose is and write with that purpose in mind. A lot of internet marketing is strategic and content creation is no different, by writing with the purpose of your content in mind you’ll be able to be more precise in your strategy.
  6. Remember real people will be reading what you write: There are many aspects of internet marketing, even with content creation, that are very technical. You don’t want your content to be this way too. Even if you apply certain marketing techniques to your content, you should always keep in mind that an actual person will be reading this, therefore it shouldn’t be too technical or difficult to understand-that will cause people to not read it. So, when you use a technique like keyword strategy in your content, use it in a way that makes sense and doesn’t sound forced. People respond to other people; you want your reader to see you as someone like them. This helps them connect and listen to what you have to say.
  7. Use keywords: Keyword strategy is a huge part of content creation in internet marketing. Using specific keywords related to the topic you’re writing on increases the chances of your content showing up in a Google search. This increases the amount of times your content is seen and can help increase your Google rankings.
  8. Insert links: Putting links to your money site (the main website where your company promotes and sells it’s product or service) in your content is extremely helpful. The keywords in your content will get more people reading your content and inserting links into the content will drive more web traffic to your money site. What does this mean? More leads and more money for you or the company you’re doing marketing for.
  9. Be aware of Google’s rules: Google has a lot of rules about how you use things like links and keywords in your content, so make sure you’re doing these things the right way. Getting slapped with a Google penalty is the worst thing that can happen when trying to implement a successful digital marketing plan. Using things like a Buffer or Google Proofing system will help you avoid penalties from Google.
  10. Always re-read what you’ve written and make edits if needed: When it comes to having an effective internet marketing campaign in place you need to have content in play that is good quality. The first thing that indicates bad or mediocre quality are things like grammar mistakes, missing words, and nonsensical sentences. Be sure to proofread every piece of content you write before it’s posted online. Most platforms will allow you to edit after, but it’s more effective if the content is correct the first time it goes live.

Don’t get stuck standing on the sidelines while others are producing gold medal quality content. Use these ten tips and watch as your content rises to the top. Before you know it you’ll be taking a victory lap around the arena with your internet marketing gold medal around your neck and flag around your shoulders.

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