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10 ways to redecorate a room for free

Budget decorating
Budget decorating

Ready for a fresh new look, but low on decorating funds? No problem! With a little creativity and planning, you can change the look of a bedroom or living area at no cost. That’s right! Get ready to redecorate a room for free. Here’s how.

A beautifully decorated room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a few simple tricks, and a bit of know-how, you can turn a drab room into a real attention getter. Best of all, you’ll get to brag to your guests about how you did it all for free.

Rearrange the furniture – Sometimes it helps to see a situation from a different perspective. That’s true in life, and in decorating. Rearrange the layout of the room for a fresh new look. Pull furniture away from the walls and arrange them in a new position.

Decorate with candles – Most of us have extra candles stored in cabinets, drawers, and hall closets. Why not put them to use and make them part of your budget decorating? Candles create instant warmth to any room, and there are many different ways to use them! Check out these 25+ ways to decorate with candles.

Create a focal point – By creating a focal point, you give an anchor to the room. A focal point can be an architectural element in the room such as a fireplace, or a substantial piece of artwork, sculpture, or even an impressive bookcase or entertainment center. Once you’ve found what you want to use, decorate around it by accenting it with a light source and by placing smaller objects around it.

Swap out knick knacks and wall hangings – Redecorate a room for free by swapping out items from another room. For example, you may have an antique clock in a guest room no one sees. Why not bring it out to the newly redecorated living room and make it the centerpiece of the room? Wall art, knick knacks, pictures, and even throw pillows can be moved and relocated to create a new look in an old space.

Trade with friends - You know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Find out if any of your friends would be interested in trading furniture or decorative accessories with you. This is a great way to gain something new at no cost, and get rid of an item you no longer need.

Use leftover supplies – Don’t let leftover paint, fabric, or wallpaper go to waste. Look in the garage and see what supplies you can use to dress up a room. It doesn’t take much paint to touch up a fireplace mantel. A little wallpaper can be used to make the backs of a bookshelf pop with color. A small amount of fabric can be used to recover an old chair seat. You get the picture – A little goes on a long way with a bit of creativity!

Layer and texture – Look at the pictures of a decorating book or magazine, and you’ll see one consistent feature. Fabrics are layered and textured with coordinating patterns. This is the case in living and sleeping areas. Layer the bed with sheets, comforters, blankets, bed pillows, and decorative pillows. Layer living areas with throw blankets, slipcovers, area rugs, accent pillows, and the like.

Be sentimental – Save a fortune on wall art by decorating from the heart. Use personal photos, children’s drawings, achievements and awards, and other sentimental items as part of a wall collage.

Decorate with books – Before there were Kindles, there were these things called books. If you had one, you had two. If you had two, you had 100. And if you were a book lover, you never threw any of them away! Now, you can use your vast book collection as part of your budget decorating. Turn your books into an end table, or make them the focal point of the room. Use our recommendations for creative ways to decorate with books.

Declutter – By removing all the clutter from a room, you not only give the illusion of more space, but you make the room look cleaner, too.

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