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10 Ways to Increase your Google Plus Follower Count

The social ID and networking platform, Google Plus, has millions of active users. This, along with helpful business components, makes it a great platform to build on. So how do you get more Google Plus followers? Here are ten ways that work.

1. Search

This is the most basic way to get followers. Figure out who your target audience is and then search them out. Make use of Google+ Ripples to get an idea of the best candidates for you.

2. Your Profile

Putting together an excellent profile will draw the multitudes to your side. It’s not enough to just provide facts and information. Get up close and personal too, because that will garner interest and reap loyalty. People want to connect, and being real does that.

3. Events

If you make a public event for select users that fit your target profile, you’ll be including them in the “inner circle.” The more unique and eye-catching your invite, the more people will attend, increasing your free Google Plus followers.

4. Hangouts On Air

These are great for showing your expertise. If you need extra support, find someone who has more knowledge and bring them along. Hangouts on air build trust and confidence, gathering more followers.

5. Stay Active

It’s great to comment on others’ content, but it’s also important to put your own engaging content out there as well and to do it consistently. It’s a sure-fire way to draw users in and keep them around.

6. Find Out What’s Hot

Trending topics are those things everyone wants to see. If you keep up with them regularly, you’ll know what users are talking about and what’s big with your target audience. This will help you find and catch followers who fit your need.

7. Engaging Content

Engaging with people is one of the best ways to gain followers. Today’s users want to interact with you; they want to know you’ve read their posts and what you think about their opinions. Have discussions and be reachable.

8. Notifications

Get to know what notification triggers are available, and make careful use of them. You don’t want to leave a distaste in people’s mouths with your incessant notifications, but you also don’t want to avoid sending them out because they’ll get more people on board.

9. Your Email

A lot of people have an email signature now, and that’s a great place to showcase your Google Plus page. You can put it other places too, such as items you give away or even business cards. The more people see it, the more will follow you.

10. Be Part Of The Community

The Google Plus community, that is. Like other online groups, these communities allow you to be part of a group of people that share your interests and interact. It’s a great way to pick up Google Plus followers.

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