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10 ways to improve your writing

Communication skills are extremely important, especially in the digital age. A blog or email can be reposted several times across a variety of websites and social media accounts.

Communication skills is extremely important, especially in the digital age.
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Here are 10 ways to improve your writing:

  1. Get to the point. These days, people have much shorter attention spans. Studies show that most Internet site visitors spend less than eight seconds viewing a Web page. You need to hook your audience with your main points right away. Give them what they're looking for, or they'll quickly leave.
  2. Write simply. Truth is simple. And not everyone has a college degree. Simple copy can deliver your message more convincingly than complex language. The goal is to let your audience understand what you're trying to say. That requires a straightforward voice.
  3. Avoid using words that have multiple meanings.
  4. Provide credible sources and supporting evidence. People will believe your if your content is believable.
  5. Write for audiences whose primary language may not be English. Non-native speakers (of English) may be reading your article. Make sure your content can deliver its message to a diverse crowd.
  6. Edit at least four times. Take a break before you make your last edit. You'll have a fresh set of eyes and find errors you didn't notice before.
  7. Use bold headings and bullet points to make your copy skimmable. Most readers skim articles. Headings, bold subheadings, bullet points, and numerical lists enable audiences to quickly understand what your article is about.
  8. The title should accurately summarize the main point of the article. Don't write misleading titles for the purpose of click bait. You'll alienate site visitors.
  9. Provide your email so readers can point out any errors (and potential clients can contact you).
  10. Let yourself shine. That means, be original.
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