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10 Ways to Green Your Summer Roadtrip

Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

Summer is the perfect time to take a trip out of Boston with friends or family. Unfortunately, travel can greatly increase our individual carbon footprints since planes and cars contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. But that doesn't mean you can't travel while still keeping the environment in mind. Here are 10 simple tips for reducing your emissions while on a car trip. Enjoy!

1. Travel by train or bus instead if you have the option.

2. Purchase carbon offsets for your trip. This can be done easily and cheaply through a website like or

3. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Your MPG (miles per gallon) increases if your tires have the right amount of pressure.

4. Drive the speed limit. Driving faster uses more gas, creates more emissions, and of course, puts your safety at risk.

5. Pack organic, vegetarian munchies for the road. By minding what you eat while you travel, you can cut down your diet's carbon footprint and the footprint of your trip.

6. Go to rest stops instead of getting off the highway, sometimes the gas stations and food places are much further from the exit than expected. Nobody likes getting lost!

7. Use the AC sparingly. Air conditioning uses gas as well.

8. Don't idle. When you stop the car, turn it all the way off. This will save gas and prevent unnecessary emissions from entering the atmosphere. If you must idle, set a goal and time yourself.

9. If you have the option, drive an electric or hybrid vehicle.

10. Carpool. If you're heading the same direction as family or friends, why take separate cars? Carpooling is a budget friendly way to travel and cuts down on traffic!

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