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10 ways to enjoy a rainy day with your family

Whether the sun's shining or it's a rainy day, the family that plays together stays together
Whether the sun's shining or it's a rainy day, the family that plays together stays together
Sandy Wallace

Rainy days often spoil outdoor plans and make you feel sad and blue. Instead of being sad and depressed about the rain, rejoice in the rain and celebrate the day with these rainy day activities.

Don't let the rain take the sunshine out of your day
Sandy Wallace

Kids know the key to living in the moment is to go with the flow. offers lots of indoor activities to enjoy when it's raining outdoors. Here are 10 ways to enjoy a rainy day with your kids.

Stay home and enjoy a family fun day. If your day was supposed to include outdoor activities, plan a family fun day instead at home. Let each child choose a favorite activity that everyone can do together.

Put on your boots and play and dance in the rain. Kids love playing in the rain, especially stomping in puddles. Adults often forget how much fun it can be to play and dance in the rain.

Watch your favorite movie. While the rain is coming down outside, get cozy, pop some popcorn and put your favorite movie on the DVD player. You can also download to your computer.

Bake cookies, brownies or bread. Baking is a favorite rainy day activity in many families. Bake a fresh loaf of bread, cookies or brownies. The fresh-baked smell will bring a smile to your face.

Organize a room or closet. For people who like being productive, there's no joy like organizing a room or cleaning out a closet. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment too.

Curl up with a book and a blanket. If it's really cold outside, light a fire or gas logs. Make it a group activity if you have kids or grand kids by reading books together.

Plan an indoor picnic with your family. Make your favorite picnic foods, spread a blanket in the living room or den and enjoy the time together.

Play a hand of cards or a board game with your kids. Rainy days are perfect for playing Monopoly, Chess or a hand of Crazy Eights or Go Fish.

Listen to your favorite music together. Turn on a music channel, listen to your iPod or turn on the radio and listen to your favorite station. Let everyone take a turn choosing the music.

Try out a new restaurant for lunch or dinner. There are always new places opening so turn a rainy day into a sunny day by visiting a new place to eat.

Don't let the rain get you down. Put on your happy face, dance in the rain, be joyful that you're here to see another day. The outdoor activities will wait for another day.

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