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10 ways to battle getting your kid ready for the first day of school

10 ways of battling the half-century old war of getting the kids up and ready for school; days before school starts.

1) Start waking them up early. (Duh) Warn them the morning before. In their waking moments they recall.

2) Get them tired. Swimming, a walk around the block, or anything that pumps the heart.

3) Keep their mind busy. Less than a week until school. Buy a magazine, and say "this is how in the 90’s we got our entertainment” (think Seventeen magazine, especially the “school zone” section)

4) If persistent, take away their phone. Probably for like uh, 30 minutes (in reality it was ten). CAUTION some pre-teens and teens are strong willed enough to “live” without their phone. If that’s the case, well then applaud yourself.

5) Burn some meat during the week. Have the kids play in the back, and perhaps eat outside. August evenings are quite pleasant in temperature. Keep the menu simple, smoky headaches before the morning meeting normally is a bummer.

6) Do an activity with your whole family. Something a little different. Like ty-dying all of Dad’s old white V-necks or white T’s. Then you can wear them at Fiesta Texas so nobody is misplaced, if that suits your family culture (everyone loves ty-die!). Also, it’s always cute to watch your daughters go to bed in Daddy’s oversized confiscated repurposed pajama shirts.

7) Use these words verbatim when you wake them up. “Wake up if you want to take your life seriously.” In the very much sincere stern with only their best intentions in mind, voice.

8) Make them yummy breakfast. Better still, give them something bad for breakfast. Cake or cookies are solid selections. Chocolate milk is normally a hit too.

9) Adjust your strength of will to get them up based on age. Pre-teens, tell them life is serious. Teenagers, threaten taking away all lines of communication. Little ones, remind them that they have fun at school with all their school friends, and the teacher wants to see them.

10) Finally, the ultimate kicker—get them to bed on time. Trick is to hit REM sleep, 6 hours before they wake.

Prioritize your goals. You know your kids better than me. So, take these ways that should work and add them to your playbook. All that needs to be done is switch their clock. Words and actions are frivolous really when rationalizing waking up or going to bed on time. They have to see it themselves. And even a four year old is capable of that type of rationalization.

Good luck!

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