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10 ways the Feds promote childhood obesity

See what the feds are feeding your children
See what the feds are feeding your children
Photo by Mary MacIntyre

Imagine, the federal government is funding programs to make children fatter. You should get your detective spyglass and scruntinize your local NM school lunches. Stop in the hallway and pick up some chips, cokes, and a few candy bars too, to keep you from getting hungry.

Yes NM has made changes in the menus. It's in the details where trouble lies. Also do the students get to choose their meals? Perhaps you will notice a path to fatter disaster.

A twinkie diet?

Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, soy oils, starch

white bread

french fries and potato chips



fats galore

cheese (frequently)

cokes and sodas

processed foods.

Take a look at Albuquerque Public Schools menus:

Count the number of times that starchy foods: pasta, bread, potatoes to name a few are offered.

Is the pizza sauce fresh or canned? Pizza sauce ingredients may include sugar, and oils.

Cheeses are good sources of protein. However the added ingredients may reduce their health benefits. More processed cheeses are hard to digest. Too much cheese, especially those with added soy oil, corn syrup, and preservatives can tips the fat scale to overload.

French fries lack few nutrients and add more fat and salt.

Are the potatoes real? Canned? Powdered? Added ingredients?

Please read the ingredients on the sausage packages.

Actually, the menu used as an example had a good deal of variety, and looked much better than previous menus I've examined. This is what the feds are paying for in school lunches. Read the next article for the added fat and junk food factor.

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