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10 ways on how to avoid your ex-girlfriend

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Your ex-girlfriend won’t stop following you, talking and texting you after you broke up! Some ex-girlfriends can be quite annoying, particularly if you’re done with them, but they still want to get back at you. Or probably you want to get your relationship back on track but you know you would sound pathetic and it is a bad choice. Either way, you need to be in a position to know how to avoid your ex-girlfriend, and fast!

1. Never take her call.

This is among the first signs she should pick up once it has started. But all being well, she’ll get the picture of the whole story after about the fourth or fifth time. On the first 2 or 3 three times, she’ll probably think you were just busy or asleep, so do not answer it!

2. Remember her schedule.

Ensure that you do not hang around her particular area at the same time, for instance, if you are still at school you may know their timetable very well, so avoid that particular school segment. If you know their workplace, then they will be popping out for lunch and when going home in the evening so you should not be within that vicinity on both times.

3. Avoid all of her friends.

This is crucial as it can be the beginning of something bad. Once they realize that you are seeing someone else they will begin plotting to indulge your new relationship. Even if it takes following you, they’ll do it and seeing them will make you uncomfortable.

4. Block her from all your social networking sites.

Social media is the biggest platform for people to network all over the world. There is no limit to the people you talk to, and you can reach them anywhere in the world. You need to watch out your social media activity because this is the first place your ex will follow you; simply cyber stalking. Go to Facebook and unfriend her then go on to block her so that she won’t search or view you. For twitter you can unfollow/block them too, Snapchat just remove them but before that click block then follow by remove.

5. Date someone from another area.

It’s very beneficial dating someone you do not know and that do not know you. When you date someone from another area, it will be very possible that they don’t know about your pasts. It will allow you two to concentrate only on what is in the future and move quicker, thus forgetting your ex.

6. Do not visit your old favorite places or where she hangs out at.

The whole idea here is getting over her, so going to the old places you used to go will only remind you of her. Avoid these places and try new places on your dates.

7. Do not attend events that you know your ex-girlfriend is likely to attend.

No matter how tempting it may seem going to a concert or sporting event, you must avoid all those places you feel your ex-girlfriend will be attending especially within the first three months since your break up.

8. Never make eye contact.

There will be some situations that you won’t have a choice to see her, or some places you aren’t able to avoid her. When this happens do not make eye contact with her. Eye contact is the start of everything, and you do not want to revive anything at this point.

9. Change your hobbies and lifestyle.

When you begin to recognize that you’re over her, and date other women, it’s a good idea finding new things to do in your free time. When you do this, when she thinks that she can locate you to talk you out or just see you, she will not be able to find you.

10. Run.

If you ever wind up near your ex-girlfriend out of the blue and cannot do any of the above steps, running is the best option. Ladies are quite strange; the more you avoid them the more they will follow you. Get away from her as fast as you can. Avoid anything that can bring you together because if you do not she’ll be back in your life quickly like she never left.

When you’re starting-over and going into the bachelor’s life, it’s crucial to avoid your ex-girlfriend. Any contact with her can be disturbing to your new, fresh relationship. Go out and see someone, have fun!! Ream more:

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