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10 ways for your family to welcome spring

The longer days and warmer temperatures of spring make it easier for your family to spend time outdoors
The longer days and warmer temperatures of spring make it easier for your family to spend time outdoors
Sandy Wallace

Although it feels like winter in most of the country, spring begins with the vernal equinox on March 20, 2014 at 12:57 p.m. EDT, according to the Farmers Almanac.

Hang plastic Easter eggs in a spring blooming tree to welcome spring in your yard
Sandy Wallace

As the days grow longer and the temperatures warmer, families spend more time outdoors. Here are 10 ways for your family to welcome spring.

Decorate an Easter egg tree with plastic eggs. Make ties from ribbon, string or yarn and place inside open eggs. This is especially pretty in a dogwood, cherry or other spring flowering tree.

Add outdoor exercise to your family's daily routine. Take up cycling or hiking or just take long walks at a local park, playground or walking trail. Being outdoors improves your mood and exercise improves your health.

Watch for the changing signs of spring in your yard. Hang bird feeders and bird houses in your yard and watch for different species of birds. Pick up a bird guide visit the National Audubon Society website.

Plan a spring break vacation. Even if your kids lose part of spring break due to snow make-up days, you can enjoy a long weekend of fun outdoors.

Kids love helping grow flowers. Start seeds now so your bedding flowers will be ready to put out after danger of frost. Seeds should be started inside about six weeks before the last frost date in your location.

Plant a spring blooming tree or shrub in your yard. Dogwood, cherry and pear trees offer beautiful spring blossoms. Forsythia, lilac and azalea bushes add bright colors to your yard.

Sign your child up for spring sports. Soccer, baseball and softball are three of the favorite spring sports for kids. Check with your local YMCA, parks and recreation department or youth sports league.

Purchase season tickets to the nearest amusement park. Many parks offer spring specials before the season begins. Season tickets are a great alternative to candy in Easter baskets.

Make plans to attend a professional baseball game with your family. If your city has a minor league team, inquire about season passes. Many baseball teams offer special kids season passes and meet and greet sessions with the players.

Plan a family camping trip. You don't need a tent or camper at many campgrounds and state parks. Reserve a cabin for a weekend of family outdoor time.

Spring temperatures may still be a few weeks away, but don't let that stop you and your family from welcoming spring as you spend more time outdoors.

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