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10 Valentine gifts you can make


(Image courtesy of Getty Images/Adam Gault)

  1. Create a card by printing a picture of the two of you. Fold it in half and you have a home made card. You can also make a card buy taking a plain white card and glueing scrapbook paper to the front with a picture of you two as well or whatever design you want to use.
  2. Make his/her favorite meal. Light some candles. Play some of your favorite music. Make it an easy, romantic, quiet night it.
  3. Make a coupon book. Make sure you write ideas that he will definitely want to use!
  4. Buy a wood frame or wood mirror at Joannes and paint it using toll paint. Then put some pictures of you both or some scrap book paper around the edges using Mod Podge!
  5. Put together a scrapbook.  Buy one or make one.  Pictures of you two, quotes, and/or things you have saved.
  6. Buy a mirror and write lyrics around the edge.  Use a love poem, or a love song or the lyrics to 'your song' together.
  7. Make cookies and write words that describe your significant other on them!
  8. Get a jar and decorate it with paint or ribbon. You can even use the Mod Podge (mentioned above) and glue pictures around it. Then on the inside put in little pieces of rolled up paper that say "I love you because...."  Write as many as you want and cut them into strips and load them up in the jar.
  9. Use homemade wrapping paper. Print pixtures (black and white is always fun) and use the pictures to wrap your presents. If the present is bigger you can copy a bunch of smaller pictures onto bigger paper.
  10. Make a blanket. Rag Quilts are pretty easy (I made one and never sewed before).  


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