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10 traits women want in a partner

10 traits women want in a partner
10 traits women want in a partner
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We all dream of wanting Mr. tall, rich and handsome but when it comes down to it we want simpler things. Whether you are a man trying to understand women or a woman confused about what she should be looking for in a spouse, this article is a must read for you.

The top 10

1. Respect - Respect is a major must have in any relationship. We feel that a lack of this can leave us feeling embarrassed, removed and unwanted.

Advice: choose your words wisely, if you have something negative to say about your partner don't make a scene out of it. Wait until a better time/place and have a reason for saying it. Respect your partners wishes and try to have frequent talks about what you both want out of the relationship to avoid any awkward slip ups.

2. Acceptance - We all have a past, the number one thing a partner can do for you is accept yours. Live in the present. Set your hopes and dreams high together and aim to accomplish them. Rome wasn't built in a day - a relationship takes work and one of the first steps to a healthy future is accepting your spouse for who they are and what they provide you with at this moment.

Advice: If you find it difficult to accept something your spouse has said or done in the past, bring it up. If they feel uncomfortable talking about it, leave it alone. If you can't put the past behind you, you may have to reconsider the relationship.

3. Unconditional love - Unconditional love means love without boundaries. This is one thing that many people have problems accomplishing. We are often caught in a 'puppy love' or lust phase where we mistake uncontrollable feelings and desires for love. You have to find love within yourself before you truly know how to love another properly.

Advice: This article will give an introduction on how to think consciously about your present relationships. Remember that they must be adding something beneficial to your life and not taking away from it.

4. Gratitude - Someone that expresses gratitude often is more likely to be happier than those that don't. Just think of how nice it feels to be thanked for something you've done for a friend, a colleague, a lover and imagine how they would feel if you repaid them the favor.

Advice: If you are shy or nervous about thanking someone, do it in another way. Write a thank you note or e-mail to show your appreciation. A simple thank you goes a long way and can form or strengthen any relationship. Showing thanks is another form of respect that we as humans all deserve.

5. Inspiration - The reason that opposites attract is because you are adding something new to the picture. Even though some of us say we wish we had a partner just like ourselves, imagine how boring that would be. You already know yourself inside and out. What we fear most is change, but change can be good especially if it comes in a partner. It's an easy way of learning something new through another person. We all need inspiration to grow.

Advice: Are you stuck in a rut? Do you go to the same places, eat the same things, dress the same way? Learn how to integrate new things slowly into the picture. It's a great way to meet new people and who knows, you may even like it!

6. Honesty - Let's face it nobody likes a liar and what's worse than getting caught in your own lie? Always be open and honest about your feelings, your partner should respect that. Don't be so honest that it's hurtful. Know when white lies are appropriate. For example if your girlfriend asks if she looks fat in those jeans, she doesn't!

Advice: Practice honesty is a positive way. Say nice things that may be on your mind about your partner but you normally would not say. The benefit? It will bring you much closer together.

7. Goal-oriented - Whatever you do, don't date a couch potato! Be with someone who has set goals and plans to accomplish them. Help them to achieve those goals as you achieve your own. Support is one of the main factors leading into success.

Advice: Make a 5-10 year plan and try to follow it through the best you can.

8. Friendly - Someone who is confident, talkative and sociable is a good mate to have. They tend to be sure about themselves and the decisions they make (or partners they choose) someone with such a confidence should allow you to feel most comfortable in any given situation.

Advice: Throw dinner parties often, share mutual friends as well as maintaining friends of your own. Ask them to escort you to family functions - do anything to maintain the sociable atmosphere.

9. Funny - 'A day without laughter is a day wasted' Someone who's main goal is to make you smile is a keeper; as smiling and laughter is the key to a well-preserved life. If you can find someone who's stupid jokes make you burst out into tears, marry him. Looks will fade, but someone can make you smile for years.

Advice: Find someone that doesn't try to be funny, it comes naturally. Find someone who's jokes only you understand. When he makes you smile, it warms your heart. Find romance in the simple things, like laughing with him.

10. Responsible - Make sure your man takes responsibility seriously, even if it's the little things. Someone who keeps putting it off - hours, weeks or months is just going to stress you out. A partnership means that you work as a team.

Advice: Take the test - if he's someone you can trust the kids with (or want kids with) he's responsible. If you hesitated, you may need a chat with him.

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